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Hand painted with multiple layers of underglaze, it takes 6 layers to create the background blends and an additional 5-10 layers for any over laid colors. Painted on bone dry clay, fired to cone 04 and clear glazed.

2.4 x 2.4 x 2" H

Learn more about the Artist: Terri Kern


A note from the artist:

"I made several pieces in this tilted form series by throwing slightly closed bowl forms on the wheel. When the bowl was dry enough to handle, I trimmed the clay (usually left at the bottom of the piece to form the foot) completely off. After deciding what angle would work best to create the tilted form, I used a wooden paddle to create a flat area that would act as the new bottom of the piece. A combination of hand made stencils and surface drawing with a pencil were used to lay out my design and create the narrative imagery on this piece."

"I love that the tilted interior slowly reveals itself as the viewer walks around the piece to discover a painted near the bottom. In order to paint the details in the interior, my brushes are held near the end of their handles. I usually hold my breath while painting each delicate outline and the individual detail lines in the interior because any movement can cause a miscalculation"

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