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Artist: Adam Meistrell

Adam Meistrell, FLORIDA
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Artist Statement

"My son tossed an egg onto the floor and, after seeing it splat, he enthusiastically reproduced the exciting results. I am intrigued by this crystallized moment of learning and the sometimes-messy cycle of investigation, understanding, and response. Ideas begin with crayons and pencils and move towards construction. I combine thrown, hand built, and molded ceramic forms, then inscribe lines across surfaces to act as geoglyphs and records. The surfaces of my pots integrate moments of visual rest, exercise, interruption and play through layers and spirited colors. I best appreciate complexity when it is housed within context and parameters. These borders and fences evoke a sense of comfort and safety, as well as the impending excitement of jumping those boundaries and exploring beyond.  

Adventure inspires my artwork with allusions to travel and flight. Play, as an investigative tool, is an integral part of my work as I employ intuition and detailed rendering. The resulting finite objects serve as a key or legend to stir wonder towards the infinite. Questioning reminds me that I do not know. "


Adam Meistrell was born and raised in Naples, Florida. Adam’s first memories are of making art and traveling. After graduating from Penn State, Adam spent a few years seeking out adventure: driving to Alaska, jumping off cliffs in Italy, and surfing in Costa Rica. Adam earned his MFA from The Louisiana State University. Adam and his wife Monica maintain their art making and running habits while wrangling their four children.


Education Louisiana State University / MFA 

August 2014 - August 2017, Baton Rouge, LA 

Pennsylvania State University / BA 

August 2000 - May 2004, State College, PA 

ExperienceCollier County Public Schools / Lead Arts Instructor August 2021-Present, Naples, FL 

Lawrence Arts Center / Visual Arts Studio Manager 

June 2017 -July 2021, Lawrence, KS 

Responsible for all visual arts supplies, budget, equipment, classrooms 

Lawrence Arts Center / Ceramics and 3D Technologies Instructor 

June 2017 - PRESENT, Lawrence, KS 

Two courses per session, curriculum development and course instruction 

Louisiana State University / Lead Ceramics Instructor 

Spring and Fall 2016, Baton Rouge, LA 

Beginning Throwing. Developed syllabus and course structure, 

administered all instruction and grades. 

Louisiana State University /Ceramics Area Coordinator 

Fall 2015, Baton Rouge, LA 

Coordinated and managed LSU Ceramics Department. 

Louisiana State University / Ceramics Co- Instructor 

Fall 2015 Baton Rouge, LA 

Beginning Throwing with Professor Andy Shaw. Collaborated on 

syllabus and course structure, responsible for the first half of course. 

Louisiana State University /Teaching Assistant 

Spring 2015, Baton Rouge, LA 

3D Design with Professor Loren Schwerd. Collaborated on

curriculum and grading, met with students up request. 

Louisiana State University / Teaching Assistant Fall 2014, Baton Rouge, LA 

Tiles with Professor Michaelene Walsh. Collaborated on curriculum and grading. Egyptian paste focus. 

Collier County Public Schools / Lead Arts Instructor August 2008-June 2014, Naples, FL 

2011-2014 9-12 High School, Ceramics, 2D, 3D, and AP Art 2009-2011 6-8 Middle School Arts, 2D and 3D Art 2008-2009 K-5 Elementary Arts, 2D and 3D Art 

Collier County Adult and Community Education / Ceramics September 2011-June 2014, Naples, FL 

Instruction, supplies, budgets, studio maintenance

Related ExperienceLawrence Arts Center / Platter Project Exhibit Director September 2019 - Present, Lawrence, KS 

A ceramics focused fundraiser for LAC Visual Arts. Invited artists 

decorate 14” platters. 

Lawrence Arts Center / Souper Bowl Fundraiser Director 

June 2017 - Present, Lawrence, KS 

A ceramics focused fundraiser for LAC Visual Arts 

Archie Bray Foundation / Fall Resident 

August 2019 - September 2019, Helena, MT 

A six week residency to work and learn. 

Arrowmont School of Crafts / Utilitarian Clay VII 

September 2016, Gatlinburg, TN 

Studio assistant for Linda Sikora and Sam Chung 

Arrowmont School of Crafts / 2nd Pentaculum 

January 2016, Gatlinburg, TN 

Invited to the short term residency 

Empty Bowls Baton Rouge / LSU Ceramics Liaison 

August 2014-August 2015, Baton Rouge, LA 

Coordinated LSU Ceramics and Baton Rouge area potters and 


Empty Bowls Naples / Co-Leader 

August 2011-June 2014, Naples, FL 

Responsible for bowl production, firing, budget, and volunteers 


Visiting Artist/Lecturer Nichols State University 

January 2017, Thibodaux, LA 

The Potters Cast guest April, 2023 

Episode 935 

Exhibitions Yunomi Invitational/ Clay AKAR June 2023, Iowa City, IA 

Pairings / Carbondale Clay Center 

April 2023,Carbondale, CO 

Last Call VIII / Companion Gallery 

February 2023, Humboldt, TN 

Solo show / Companion Gallery 

February 2023, Humboldt, TN 

Americano Invitational / Clay AKAR 

December 2022, Iowa City, IA 

Last Call VI / Companion Gallery 

March 2021, Humboldt, TN 

Platter Project 2.0 / Lawrence Arts Center 

February 2021, Lawrence, KS 

Archie Bray Benefit Auction / Archie Bray Foundation 

July 2020, Helena, MT 

Yunomi Invitational/ Clay AKAR

June 2020, Iowa City, IA 

Midwest Pottery Fest/ Presenter w/ KC Urban Potters April 2020, Virtual 

Platter Project/ Lawrence Arts Center 

February 2020, Lawrence, KS 

Americano Invitational / Clay AKAR 

December 2019, Iowa City, IA 

Featured Artist/Bredin-Lee Gallery 

June 2019, Kansas City, MO 

Benefit Art Auction / Lawrence Arts Center April 2019, Lawrence, KS 

Image and Vessel / Lawrence Arts Center 

September-October 2018, Lawrence, KS 

Benefit Art Auction / Lawrence Arts Center April 2018, Lawrence, KS 

Coasteering / Solo-Thesis Exhibit 

May 2017, Baton Rouge, LA 

LSU MFA /Nichols State University 

January 2017, Thibodaux, LA 

Irons in the Fire /Companion Gallery 

September 2016, Humboldt, TN 

Juror: Justin Rothshank 

LArk /Union Gallery, Louisiana State University January 2016, Baton Rouge, LA 

Tabletop Ceramics 2015 /Arts League Gallery July 2015, Alexandria, VA 

Juror: Josh Deweese 

Clay National X:Ceramic Color /Carbondale Clay

July 2015, Carbondale, CO 

Juror: Josh Deweese 

The Cup, The Mug/Main Street Arts 

June 2014, Clifton Springs, NY 

Juror: Peter Pincus 

DRINK!/Silpe Gallery, University of Hartford 

April 2014, West Hartford, CT 

Juror: Doug Peltzman 

GalleriesCompanion Gallery 

February 2020-Present, Humboldt, TN 

References Dr. Sean Kinsley/ Principle BCHS 

Collier County Public Schools 

Barron Collier High School 

5600 Cougar Drive 

Naples, Fl 34109 


Michaelene Walsh/ Associate Professor of Ceramics and School of 

Art Associate Director 

Louisiana State University 

220 Design Building 

Baton Rouge, LA 70803 



Andy Shaw/ Associate Professor of Ceramics 

Louisiana State University 

220 Design Building 

Baton Rouge, LA 70803 



Roderick Parker/Director of the School of Art 

Louisiana State University 

220 Design Building 

Baton Rouge, LA 70803 




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