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Artist: Angelique Tassistro

Angelique Tassistro
Angelique Tassistro, NORTH CAROLINA
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My work comes from these experiences.  Each piece is approached with the attitude of “dress up”, with the “need to play”.   I use clay to create very simple forms that I then embellish with whimsical, raw and colorful patterns and figures.  There is a definite child-like quality, but not childish—more like a tea party for adults.  Each piece is supposed to be fun and a bit outrageous.  I create cake plates that I imagine to be filled with the most extravagant of desserts, casserole dishes to be the “guest-serving piece” at a dinner party and wine cups that beg to be held with two hands.  Everything seems to come from a fantasy world, a place where I can break the rules of fashion, mixing pink with red dots and blue and green stripes.

I make art because I have to.  It is my way of playing and, like a child, my play is my work.  It is how I express myself.  It is the language I understand.  I love the process, the repetition, and the feeling of magic every time I open the kiln door.  I get great pleasure from knowing that others can enjoy my work.  They can take it home with them and use it every day.  By making pots, I get to share my “magic nation” in a way that words cannot explain.

Angelique Tassistro, artist and owner of Fly Coop Studios, makes work into play.  Her belief in the magic of creativity, along with her childhood mispronunciation, turned imagination into “magic nation.” Angelique is a ceramic artist who focuses on functional, whimsical pottery with a sculptural approach, always going to that “magic nation” for inspiration.

Angelique’s pottery incorporates bright colors and unique patterns.  Meant to be used every day, these pieces can inspire a creative chef, add a little spice to a room, or be used for special occasions. The collection has something for everyone; pick out a unique gift or something special for yourself.

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