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Artist: Audra Doughty



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One morning when thinking about my beloved Grandmother, I decided on a whim to carve a fried egg onto a mug – she had always made the most perfect eggs. In her thick Texas accent she used to greet my son by saying “Hello Darlin’!” and so his loving nickname “Gramma Darlin” was born. My sisters and I used to love trying on her costume jewelry when we stayed at her house, it was so beautiful and so full of so many bold colors. My Gramma Darlin’ was the most influential woman in my life, so it’s only natural that my memories of her have influenced my latest body of work. The playful patterns I put on my pots, are reminders of some of the things I spent time with in her home and garden.

As a functional potter, I enjoy creating happy pieces that bring joy to our everyday life. Creating this work is a labor of love, in more ways than one. After throwing the pot, each piece is intricately carved and patterned then hand painted in multiple layers to create the brightest effect possible. The finished product is reminiscent of the smooth feel of enamel brooches – a nod to my vintage inspiration. The vibrant colors against the dark clay body capture the work’s modern influence, creating the perfect pairing of vintage and modern. My Gramma Darlin’s inspiration lives on and guides me in creating these whimsical, happy pots so lovingly named “Darlin Ware.” 



Clay Arts Vegas, Cup Show 2015
The Companion Gallery, Last Call II 2017
The Companion Gallery, Last Call III 2018
The Companion Gallery, Last Call IV 2019
Charlie Cummings Gallery, Cup; The Intimate Object XVI 2020
Charlie Cummings Gallery, Cup; The intimate Object XV 2021



The Potter’s Cast | 2014
The Burg News, Harrisburg PA | 2016
Presenter, The Millworks Art Gallery | 2016
Tales of a Red Clay Rambler | 2021
Ceramics Monthly, Exposure | Jan 2021


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