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Artist: Bianka Groves

Artist: Bianka Groves
Bianka Groves, MINNESOTA
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Grounded in functionality and design, I make useable objects that are quiet and simple which all but go unnoticed. Repetition compliments the honesty of skill and craft but allows for a development of new ideas. I work slowly to produce clean forms and lines but then add hints of imperfection to give both the personality of the handmade and also to allow a moment to pause and admire. 

Playing with line creates subtle elements of designs from landscapes and architecture. This creates a movement that brings us closer to the object outside of its utility. Decoration and adornment are kept minimal while still allowing an elegant style that embraces its function for daily life.

My pots are to use and to look at. The ideas of the Arts and Crafts movement as well as Mid-Century Modern Design guide my hand with the importance of craftsmanship and also leave me with a calming feeling that I hope is reflected in my work.

Bachelors of Fine Art, Corcoran College of Art & Design, 2012

Mobility Program, Southern Illinois University, Ceramics, Spring 2011

Pikes Peak Community College, Ceramics, 2007-2009

Gallery Assistant, Baltimore Clayworks, Maryland, 2012- Present

Teacher, Baltimore Clayworks, Md, 2013-Present

Porcelain workshop at Arrowmont School of Craft led by Bryan Hopkins, 2012

Teaching Assistant, Slip Casting & Moldmaking, Corcoran College, 2011

Studio Assistant to Novie Trump, Ceramic artist, Flux studios, 2010–2012

Ceramic Work Study, Corcoran College of Art & Design, 2009-2012

Ceramic Work Study, Pikes Peak Community College, 2007-2009

Gallery Manager, Dero 72 Gallery, Colorado, 2007-2009

Curator Assistant, Washington Pavilion of Art, South Dakota, 2002

Flux Studio’s 1st Annual Cup Show Invitational, Washington DC

CRAFTED, Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA

Winterfest 2013, Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD

Rival Cities-One Field, The Clay Place at Standard, Carnegie, PA

Artifacts From the Inferno, Juror Jack Troy, Baltimore, MD

Cup: The Intimate Object IX, Charlie Cummings, Gainesville, FL, (Invitational)

Game Set Match, Juror Ayumi Horie, Baltimore Clayworks , MD

Multiplicity, Julio Fine Arts Gallery, Loyola University, MD, (Invitational)

It’s Only Clay, Bemidji Community Art Center, Bemidji, MN

Studio 4903, Holiday Show, DC, (Invitational)

Lines Into Shapes, Art Center of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO

Dining In V: An Artful Experience, 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX

Creme de la Corcoran, Area 405 Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Next: Class of 2012 BFA Thesis Show, Corcoran Gallery of Art, DC

Corcoran Ceramics Annual, CCAD, DC

Ceramic Sutra, Baltimore Clayworks, MD, (Invitational)

Emerging Corcoran BFA Student Show, The Fridge, DC

Daily Companions, Baltimore Clayworks

Impulse and Outburst, Civilian Art Gallery, DC, (Invitational)

Fine Art Senior Thesis Preview, CCAD, DC

Studio 4903, Holiday Show, DC, (Invitational)

Flux Gallery, Open House Show & Sale, Mt. Rainer, MD

Art Off the Walls, Student Sale, CCAD, DC

The Unseen, White Halls, CCAD, DC

Focus, White Walls Gallery, CCAD, DC

(e)merge art fair, Washington DC, (Invitational)

Flux Gallery, Holiday Show, Mt. Rainer, MD

Corcoran Ceramics Annual, DC

Kansas City Clay Guild Tea Bowl National, Juror Steven Hill, KS

Baltimore’s Art Authority, Art I’d Buy, March 2014

Ceramics Monthly, Exposure Section, November 2013 Edition

Washington DC CITYPAPER, Arts Desk Reviewed: BFA Thesis, 2012

Complex Art & Design, A Curator's Walkthrough of Next at the Corcoran, 2012

Washington Sculptors Group Magazine, 2010

CNN presentation for Empty Bowls, online & televised, 2009

AlmaGre, Pikes Peak College Annual Student Art Journal, 2008 & 09

Windgate Scholarship for Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, 2012

Anne & Ronald Abramson Ceramic Excellence Award, 2012

Martha von Hirsch Memorial Scholarship in sculpture, 2011

Foundation Faculty Award in ceramics, 2010

Director’s Choice Award, functional ceramics, 2009

Spring 2009 Student Art Exhibit, (3rd place), Pikes Peak College, 2009

Emerging Ceramic Artist Mentorship, Augustana College, SD, 1998

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