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Artist: Chanakarn Semachai

Chanakarn Semachai
Chanakarn Semachai (Punch), THAILAND
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My role as an explorer was initiated when I was a child, and my doodles were treated as treasures. I moved from Thailand to pursue my Master of Fine Arts degree and have unavoidably been immersed in an entirely new culture. I have faced new and unforgettable experiences which have changed my life and the way I make art. Living in a totally unfamiliar world has had lasting impressions, and has affected my work. In the beginning, I found that I was slowly and unconsciously changing into a new person and trying hard to blend into the new society and culture. Eventually, I shifted back to myself, although a new, better version of myself. I realized that people from all around the world share similar feelings and you don't need to fit in to be happy.

I came across a story of a man who went to jail before social media took over our world and changed how we live and interact with other human beings. The first day he earned his freedom back, he was walking around and noticed that people had little things on their ears and were talking to themselves. Tons of people were staring at their big phones, and no one was reading newspapers or
books in a subway anymore. He had so many new things to learn and keep up with. He felt out of place, like he didn’t know the world anymore. From that story, it got me thinking; what if dinosaurs came back to live in this present world? How would they feel? They were here first, a long time ago. They died, and we took over, slowly changing their world. They would probably try so hard to fit in and try to live the life that suits this modern world. Yet, they will stand out anyway because they are dinosaurs.

Sometimes when I go to new places or surround myself with a new environment, I feel like I’m a dinosaur. I think people will see that I do not belong. I think about these things a lot, and then I realized that it’s just an insecurity and it is completely normal to have them. We should embrace our differences and find ways to live with it. I would like to send a message through my art that encourage people to accept that everybody is unique and that is what makes people special as individuals.

Chanakarn Semachai (Punch) was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated in 2012 with her BA in Thailand. She earned an MFA degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2019. 

  Throughout her artwork, Punch explores themes of identity and multiculturalism. As well as exploring ideas through her sculptures, she is creating functional wares with similar concepts and designs. She combines a multitude of unique and exciting design elements on both her sculptures and functional vessels, creating a cohesive body of work. She developed a special technique for creating and casting color effects onto her work by layering plexiglass. Combining colors on top of colors allows her to tell stories of cross-cultural experiences and dual or multi-cultural backgrounds.

She has shown her work internationally, both in Thailand, China, Taiwan, and the United States.

She curated “Hopefully Tomorrow” an exhibition focusing on BIPOC artists working with clay for Brockway Center of Art and Technology, PA. Chanakarn is a part of The Ceramics Congress Team and is responsible for organizing The Virtual Makers Market for The Ceramics Congress Conference. Recently, she was awarded the 2022 NCECA Emerging Artist Fellowship. Currently, she has a career as a full-time ceramic faculty at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.


Work Experience 

Date August 2015 - Present 

Position Full-time Faculty (Ceramics major) 

Responsibilities Conducting Creative Ceramics III, Pottery Decoration and Illustration class Employer/Address Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,Thailand 

Type of business Education 

Date February 2020 - Present 

Position Part-time Artisan 

Responsibilities Designing and Hand Painting on Hard-sided Goods 

Employer/Address Louis Vuitton Store Emporium Department Store, Bangkok,Thailand 

Type of business Luxury Goods and Lifestyle 

Date August 2014 - July 2015 

Position Freelance Illustrator and designer 

Responsibilities Character and Illustration Design 

Type of business Art and Design 

Date May 2013 - August 2014 

Position Accessories Designer 

Responsibilities Product design,Trend researcher and Graphic design 

Employer/Address Pen Khun Co.,Ltd Bangkok, Thailand 

Type of business Art and Lifestyle 

Education and Training 

August 2016 - May 2019 

Master of Fine Art in Ceramics 

Institution Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, United States of America 


BA summa cum laude, Creative Craft (Ceramics) 

Institution Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 

2012 (3 month-internship program) 

Principal Studies Ceramics 

Institution Tao Hong Tai Ceramics Factory, Rachaburee, Thailand 


2022 NCECA Emerging Artist Fellowship, SAFE Credit Union Convention Center,Sacramento,CA, USA (Juried by Roberto Lugo, Anya Montiel) 

2021 Directors Award, Ceramics’ Exhibition, The In Art Gallery, USA (Juried by Chase Gamblin) 2019 The Raising Star Project Scholarships, Franz Project,Taipei, Taiwan. 

Outstanding Graduate Student, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA 

NCECA Graduate Award for Excellence - 3rd place, Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN Juror Choice’s Award, Last Call IV,Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN 

Assistant Fellowship, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA 

2018 The Raising Star Project Scholarships, Franz Project,Taipei, Taiwan. 

Juror Choice’s Award,Material Mugs III,UNDERGLAZE, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN 1st Place,6th Annual Cup Show Exhibition 2018, Jansen Art Center,WA 

3rd Place and Purchase Award,Working Pots III, James May Gallery,WI 

Best in Printmaking Award, Edinboro Student show, Bruce Gallery, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA Assistant Fellowship, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA 

2017 Best in Show Award, Edinboro Student Juried show, Bruce Gallery,Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA Assistant Fellowship, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA 

2016 Assistant Fellowship, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA 

2011 Best in Show Award,Cost Saving in Ceramic Process for High efficiency 

,Museum of Chulalongkorn University,Thailand 

Rookie of The Year Award,Thailand Ceramic Award, Phranakhon Rajabhat University,Thailand 2009 Talented Art Student Scholarship, Chulalongkorn University,Thailand


2022 NCECA Emerging Artist, SAFE Credit Union Convention Center, Sacramento, CA, USA (Juried by Roberto Lugo, Anya Montiel) (upcoming) 

The Impostor Cup Show II, Gallery Mostaza,Kansas,USA (Invited by Issac Shue) (upcoming) 3rd Annual Spring Exhibition coinciding with NCECA 2022, Companion Gallery, TN, USA (Invited by Eric Botbyl) (upcoming) 

Last Call VII, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN (Invited by Eric Botbyl, Juror Tim Kowalczyk) (up coming) Plant Pots, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL, USA (Invited by Lana Fisher) 

2021 Interkeramos Korat Clay Festival ,Dan Kwian, Korat Thailand 

Covid Super Heroes, Atta Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand (Invited by Vipoo Srivilasa) 

Chanakarn’s Solo Exhibition, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN USA (Solo Exhibition)  

Imbalance, Ceramics Monthly 2021 contest: September issue, USA 

Crafted, Contemporary Craft Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Invited by Trish O’connell) 

Hella Cups Exhibition, Applied Contemporary Gallery, CA, USA (Juried by Justin Reese,Jamie Bates Slone) Ceramics’ Exhibition, The In Art Gallery, USA (Juried by Chase Gamblin) 

Juried Clay National VI, Red Lodge Clay Center, Red Lodge, MT, USA (Juried by Lorna Meaden) The Annual LUX Gifted Holiday, Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE, USA (Invited by Katelyn Farneth) Cup: The Intimate Object XVII, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL, USA 

Relay-21 Ceramic, YIART Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan (Invited by Lingyi Cheng) 

Material Mugs VI, UNDERGLAZE, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN (Invited by Eric Botbyl,catalogue) Clay Fest, Saratoga Clay Arts Center, NY, USA (Invited by Leigh Taylor Mickelson) 

Virtual Spring Sale coinciding with NCECA 2021, Companion Gallery, TN, USA (Invited by Eric Botbyl) The Impostor Cup Show, Gallery Mostaza,Kansas,USA (Invited by Issac Shue) 

Last Call IV, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN (Invited by Eric Botbyl) 

Crafts in the Air: An International Virtual Exhibition, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (catalogue) 2020 International Coffee Cup Competition 2020, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum,Taipei,Taiwan Funny Mega Fun,Interns’ Showcase,Tao Hong Tai Ceramic Factory, Rachaburee,Thailand HCCC Cups for Y’all, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft,Houston,TX (Invited by Anna Walker) Material Mugs IIII, UNDERGLAZE, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN (Invited by Eric Botbyl ,catalogue) DeMark Design Excellent Award Exhibition,DeMark Award,Icon Siam Department Store, Bangkok,Thailand Collaborative Companions, Companion Gallery, Online Exhibition (Invited by Eric Botbyl) Collaborative Project, Clay Arts Vegas, Las Vegas, NV (Invited by Peter J Jakubowski) 

2019 LUSH: A Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, FL, USA (Juried by Alex Zablocki) The Thanksgiving Table: The Candlestick Holder 2019, Clay Akar Gallery, Iowa, IA (Invited by ClayAKAR) Class [Clay and Glass International Symposium] Exhibition, Chula Museum, Thailand 

On Origin, The North Seattle College Art Gallery,Seattle,WA (Invited by Soe Yu Nwe) 

Bowl-Job, Yer Space, Bangkok, Thailand (Invited by Yer Space members) 

The Beautiful and Bizarre: Figurative Ceramics Invitational, Florida Craft Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL  (Curated by Taylor Robenalt) 

Eloquent Vessel, Lightwell Gallery, University of Oklahoma,Norman,OK,USA (Juried by Doug Casebeer) Star-Crossed Event in Dino District, Bates Gallery, Edinboro University, PA (Solo, Thesis Exhibition) Made By Sea,Pottery Northwest,Seattle,WA (Invited by Soe Yu Nwe) 

Keystone Clay: West, Baltimore Clayworks,Baltimore,MD (Invited by Baltimore Clayworks Committee) Hastings College Functional Ceramics Exhibition, Hastings College,Hastings,NE (Invited by Sarah E. Swist) Companion Gallery NCECA Show, coinciding with NCECA 2019,The Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Conference room, Minneapolis,MN 

Sea Roots,coinciding with NCECA 2019,Continental Clay's CO Exhibition Gallery,Minneapolis,MN The 2019 NCECA Juried Student Exhibition,in conjunction with the NCECA 53rd Annual Conference, Claytopia, Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN (Juried by Linda Lopez and Steven Young Lee,national) You've Been Served,coinciding with NCECA 2019,Urban Forage Winery and Cider House,Minneapolis,MN When We Collaborate Show, Clay Art Vegas, Las Vegas,NV (Invited by Thomas Bumblauskas,national) Last Call IV, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN (Juried by Carole Epp, catalogue) 

Mug Madness 2019, Saltstone Ceramics, Seattle, WA (Juried by Justin Rothshank) 

Cup Show, Clay Art Vegas, Las Vegas,NV (Juried by Katie Bosley,national) 

2018 The Cup, The Mug, Main Street Arts,Clifton Springs, NY (Juried exhibition) 

 The Sculptural Vessel,Clay Centre of New Orleans,New Orleans ,LA (Juried by Brett Freund)  Desirnosaur,Bates Gallery, Edinboro University, PA (Solo, Candidacy Exhibition)  Graduate Art Association Show (G.A.A.),Bates Gallery,Edinboro University,PA(region)  Euphoric Disorientation, Cashier’s House adjacent to the Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA 

 Material Mugs III,UNDERGLAZE, Companion Gallery, Humboldt,TN (Juried by Renee LoPresti,catalogue)  Plates, Platters and Nothing Else Matters Ceramic Exhibition, The Long Beach Island Foundation of the   Arts and Sciences,NJ (Juried by Roberto Lugo) 

 12th Annual South Texas Ceramic Showdown, Institutional Collaborations,Collaboration with Lee Rexrode  (Invited by South Texas Collage) 

 6th Annual Cup Show Exhibition 2018, Jansen Art Center,WA 

 (Juried by Ann Marie Cooper. Ryan Kelly, Brian O’Neill, Jeremy Noet and Jesse Rasmussen)  Working Pots III, James May Gallery,WI (Juried by Liz Pechacek)  

 The Dog’s Eye Gallery Second Mug Show, Eye of the Dog art Center,TX (Juried by Kurt Anderson,national)  Erie Art Museum 95th Spring Show,Erie Art Museum,PA (Juried by Wendy Maruyama,national)  Edinboro Student Juried Show, Bruce Gallery,Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA 

 Edinboro Student Show coinciding with NCECA 2018,Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh,PA(national)  Hot Mud Pop-up Exhibition coinciding with NCECA 2018,The Church on Kincaid,Pittsburgh,PA   Lillstreet Gallery at NCECA Expo,NCECA National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts,  David L. Lawrence Convention Center,Pittsburgh,PA(national) 

 Small Favors,The Clay Studio, Philadelphia,PA (Juried by Lauren Mabry,national) 

 SIP, A Ceramic Cup Show, Savannah Clay Community, Savannah,GA (Juried by Ben Carter,national)  2017 Cup Show, Clay Art Vegas, Las Vegas,NV (Juried by Leilani Trinka,national) 

 CFile Holiday Group Pop-up Online show,C-file Contemporary Ceramic Art + Design,Santa Fe,NM(national)  Solo Exhibition, Desirnosaur, Candidacy Show, Bates Gallery,Edinboro University,PA  Chimera XV, Erie Art Museum, Erie,PA (juried, student,catalogue,region) 

2016 New Chicks On The Block,Lillstreet Gallery,Chicago,IL (curated by Michelle Brooks,national)  Graduate Art Association Show (G.A.A.),Bates Gallery,Edinboro University,PA(region)  Edinboro Student Juried Show, Bruce Gallery,Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,PA  (Juried by John Vanco, region) 

 Chimera XIIII, Erie Art Museum, Erie,PA (juried, student,catalogue, region) 

 Graduate Art Association Show (G.A.A.),Bates Gallery,Edinboro University,PA (region) 2015 Amity, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok,Thailand (international) 

 The Visual Art EX 4th, Museum of Chulalongkorn University,Bangkok,Thailand (international) 2013 Clay Pop, Silom Complex Department Store,Bangkok, Thailand (international)  

 Departure, Senior Project Showcase, Central World Department Store,Bangkok,Thailand (international) 2012 Stick With Clay,Interns’ Showcase,Tao Hong Tai Ceramic Factory,Rachaburee,Thailand (international) 2011 From Fine to Finest, Museum of Chulalongkorn University,Bangkok,Thailand (international)  Cost Saving in Ceramic Process for High efficiency, Museum of Chulalongkorn University,Thailand  Thailand Ceramic Award,Phranakhon Rajabhat University,Thailand (international)  Dawn of Humanities 4th,Museum of Chulalongkorn University,Thailand (international)  Clay Fever, Silom Complex Department Store,Bangkok, Thailand (international) 

 Talented Art Student Program Showcase, Museum of Chulalongkorn University,Thailand (international) 

Workshop and Demonstration 

2021 Pinching with Punch! : A Narrative Sculptural Vessel Virtual Workshop, Saratoga Clay Arts Center, NY,USA  Companion Gallery Spring Workshop Series, an online workshop (Invited by Eric Botbyl) 2020 Ceramics For Charity, an online workshop (Invited by Vipoo Sivilasa) 

 Hand building and Surface Decoration, Pottery Clay company, Thailand 

2019 Surface Decoration, Trampoline Studio, Bangkok,Thailand 

 Companion Gallery NCECA Show,NCECA 2019,The Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Conference room, Minneapolis,MN Jurying and Curating

2022 Virtual Makers Market ,The Ceramics Congress Conference, Australia (curating) 

2021 Virtual Makers Market ,The Ceramics Congress Conference, Japan (curating)  Virtual Makers Market ,The Ceramics Congress Conference, Canada (curating)  Hopefully Tomorrow, Brockway Center of Arts, PA (co-curating) 

2020 Mug Madness 2020, Salt Stone Ceramics, Seattle, WA (co-jurying) 


2021 Ceramics Monthly, Imbalance, Issue: September 2021 

 Ceramics Monthly, Clay Culture: Documentation, Issue: February 2021 

2020 Thai Ceramics Journal: (Cover) Issue: October 2020 

2019 Ceramics Monthly, Clay Culture: Mug Madness, Issue: September 2019  Companion Gallery, Last Call IV, March 2019 

 The 2019 NCECA Juried Student Exhibition Catalog, March 2019 

2018 Companion Gallery, Material Mugs III: Underglaze, September 2018 

 Ceramics Monthly, Drink Up!2018, Issue: September 2018 

 Erie Art Museum, 95th Spring Show catalog, April 2018 

Volunteer work 

2017 45th Anniversary Celebration Auction,Touchstone Centre of Crafts,Farmington, PA 2015 Clay Therapy; Art for special needs,Bangkok,Thailand 

2012 Youth Development Camp, Bangkok,Thailand 

Artist Resident 

2018 Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle,ME,USA, Session 5: Surface Exchange  2-week long residency 

Gallery Representation and Affiliation 

Art Axis, Artaxis.org 

Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN (2018-present) 

Icon Craft, Icon Siam Department Store, Bangkok, Thailand (2019-present) 

ODS- Object of Desire, Siam Discovery Department Store, Bangkok, Thailand (2019-2021) Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago,IL (2016-2018) 

Language Spoken Thai, English

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