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Artist: Clarice Allgood

Clarice Allgood, MINNESOTA

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I consider the pots I choose to make as tools. Some are tools of conviviality but most are objects that support  moments of engaged solitude such as knitting, gardening, reading, and cooking. These pots inhabit the world I  want to live in, inclusive of any and all activities which encourage self-reliance and connection. I make for a  culture composed of well used objects rather than consumed ones. These objects feel particularly applicable to  where we find ourselves today. Studio practice means tinkering with variations of yarn bowls, watering pots,  bookends and kitchen aids, as well as serving pieces for intimate gatherings. I hope to offer objects which might  lend delight, beauty and comfort in this new world of ours.  

 A nomadic, modest upbringing, rich in craft and thrift, instilled a Make Do aesthetic and inspired a trust in  handiwork and available resources. In this vein, my work focuses on sharing this trust by re-purposing  conventional standardware forms, recycling motifs of indistinct eras and design elements of other handcrafts.  Formulated duets of slips and glazes enhance the vagaries of atmospheric firing and ambiguities of pattern,  providing an ultimate record of the surrender to uncertainty. Along the warp and the changeable, instances of  unity and equilibrium are infinitely and heartbreakingly present for discovery. Everything is its own reward.


Clarice Allgood is a functional potter and teaching artist based in Minneapolis, MN. An  unconventional ceramic education of workshops, open studios and unofficial residencies led Allgood to Minnesota in 2018. In 2019, she graduated from the advanced certificate program MN NICE and was  the 2020 Fogelberg Studio Fellow at Northern Clay Center. From a free spirited, nomadic childhood to  an academic education in philosophy come a perspective rooted in thoughtfulness and curiosity. She’s  particularly fond of making tools. Some are tools of conviviality, some are meant to enrich what she  calls “quiet acts of self-reliance”: watering pots for gardening, bowls for knitting, utensils for cooking,  bookends to organize reading. Though Allgood is thoroughly involved in the making and  conceptualizing processes, the relinquishing her work to the unpredictability of the soda kiln is an  important part of her


2002 MA: Philosophy, magna cum laude, Georgia State University (GRA)
1998 BA: Philosophy, cum laude, Georgia State University Ceramics Education/Influences
2019 Certificate, MN NICE Program, Northern Clay Center, Mpls MN
2018 Residency, Mark Shapiro/Stonepool Pottery, Westhampton MA
2017 Residency, Mark Shapiro/Stonepool Pottery, Westhampton MA 

Selected Works, Exhibitions and Representation
2022 Northern Clay Center NCECA Gallery Expo Artist
2021 Emerging Artist, Minnesota Pottery Festival, Hutchinson MN
2021 Northern Clay Center NCECA Gallery Expo Artist
2021 “Playing with Fire”, Group Exhibit, Saratoga Clay Arts Center, NY
2020 Fogelberg Studio Fellowship, Northern Clay Center, Mlps MN
2020 Guest Potter/Steve Rolf, Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour
2018- Sales Gallery, Northern Clay Center, Mpls, MN
2018- Sales Gallery, Duluth Pottery, Duluth MN
2019 “MN NICE Graduates Exhibition,” Mpls MN
2019 “Northern Clay Center Members Exhibition,” Mpls MN
2019 “Security in a State of Violence,” APE Gallery, Northampton MA
2019 Sales Gallery, Textile Center Gallery, Pottery, Mpls MN
2017-19 Macon Arts Alliance Gallery, Macon GA
2016 Featured Artist, Mudfire Clayworks and Gallery, Decatur GA
2015-19 Mudfire Clayworks and Gallery, Decatur GA
2011 "On the Fringe,” Mixed Media, GA Perimeter College, Clarkston GA
2010 "Exits in Retrograde,” Mixed Media, 7th Biennial Outdoor Sculpture 
Exhibit GA Perimeter College
2009 “Gateway to the World,” Mural, College Park GA
2008 "Should Stumps Have Seating," Mixed Media , 6th Biennial Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, GA Perimeter College, Clarkston GA

2021- Teaching Artist, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Wayzata MN
2021- Teaching Artist, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN
2019- Teaching Artist, White Bear Center for the Arts, White Bear Lake MN
2019-20 Teaching Artist, Studio Support, Fired Up Studios, Golden Valley MN
2018-19 Studio Support, Northern Clay Center, Mpls MN
2016-18 Studio Support, Mudfire Clayworks and Gallery, Atlanta GA
2007-12 Head Tutor, Lit/Math, Gateway to College Academy, Clarkston GA
2005-06 Temple Gallery Director, Dekalb Council for the Arts, Decatur GA Press
2021, Article, “The Gift of Anger”, Studio Potter, November 2022
2021, Article, “No Time Like the Present”, Studio Potter, August 2022
2021 Cover, White Bear Center for the Arts Summer Newsletter
2019 Selected work, “Exposure,” Ceramics Monthly, December
2019 Cover, Northern Clay Center Winter Newsletter
2018 Selected work, Catalog, Anderson Ranch Arts Center Annual Art Auction
2012 Article, “Negatiivinen Tila: Yksityisalueen Avaaminen Yhteisille Elämyksille,” Korkea Taivas
2004 Introduction, “Fleshly Resonance,” Johanna Hällsten, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and
Glasshouses, United Kingdom
2004 Citation, British Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 44(1):44-56
2021 Artist’s Talk, NCECA Norther Clay Center Gallery Expo Artist Talk, Online
2017 Demonstrator, “Handles,” Mudfire Clayworks, Decatur GA
2017 Demonstrating Potter, Atlanta Craft Council, Atlanta GA
2010 Speaker, “Negative Space: Reframing Personal Space as Perceptual Commons,”
Living Walls the City Speaks: A Conference on Street Art and Urbanism,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atl GA and 7th Intl Conference on
Environmental Aesthetics, Heinävesi, Finland
2003 Commentator, American Society for Aesthetics, Philadelphia PA
2002 Speaker, “Next Stop, Scenic(World)View: A few Implications of Synesthesia for Environmental Aesthetics”, Aesthetics of the Unseen, Seventh Intl Summer School of Applied Aesthetics, Finland

Volunteer Work
2019 NCECA, Core Crew, “Make In” with Mark Shapiro
2017-19 St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour, Assistant
2013-18 Center for Puppetry Arts, Educator and House Management

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