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Artist: Daniel Gillberg

Daniel Gillberg
Daniel Gillberg, NORWAY
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 I am an artist, a maker, and a conservator. I make art. I craft and sometimes I take care of others art. My ceramic work is an attempt to connect the user with the values of the hand made and the crafted and to make work that encourage reflection, communication and a time to pause. I see the functional vessel as a way to introduce hand made into peoples every day lives.
With a background in the Scandinavian slip ware tradition, I am attracted to the decorated and the crafted. I pay attention to the functional and it is of great importance for me to make comfortable work. I often go for organic shapes and forms and deliberately leave behind marks from my own hands. Perhaps as a small protest against the fury industry and the uniform, but also a way to show the process and to create a starting-point to educate about the making. The Swedish crafts woman, Karin Larsson, once stated; 'Låt handen synas - Let the hand show’. This ‘motto’ very much appeals to me still, one century later. Even though I find traditional and historic patterns, colour and craft to be a great source of inspiration, I keep recording objects, structures and connections around me that attracts my attention. This pool of selected imageries opens up a small window to an internal view of a very personal outlook on to the world. I source this pool of imageries and extracts elements to collage my work. It becomes a tool to re-communicate my surroundings and to connect with the user through my window. A tool to start new stories for the user to finish as they use these functional objects in their every day lives and slowly infuse them with their own values and ideas.

Selection of Recent Exhibitions and shows + upcoming
“The functional Canvas IV” (personal invitation), Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville FL, (US)
“Featured artist”, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville FL, (US)
“I fought - therefore I am”, PrideArt, Oslo (NO)
“Sommer kopp” - (invitational) x Galleri Løten, Norway (NO)
"Yunomi 2019” (invitational), ClayAKAR Gallery, Iowa City IA, (US)
“Nya Porslinsfestivalen 2019” (invitational) Quality sales exhibition, Lidköping (SWE)

“Something & Nothing” (Photography) ‘Recordings of a life/Five countries’, Galleri Cyan, Oslo (NO)
“Muggen och koppen” (The mug and the cup), Arvika konsthantverk, Sweden
“Shameless” - a PrideArt exhibition. Presentation of the ‘Shameless hands project’. Photo collage
on handmade tiles. PrideArt, Oslo (NO)
“Cup, the intimate object XIV” (Personal invitation). Charlie Cummings gallery, FL, (US)

“Blitt sånn - født sånn” (Become like that - borne like that). Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo Norway
“The international ceramics exchange - #FOMO2017”. Collaboration with US ceramic artist
Victoria Christen. Work shown in Aarhus, Denmark

“The Cup Collaboration 2016” (Personal invitation) Collaboration with UK potter Joseph Travis.
Work showed at the Boxhill Community Center + online gallery, Melbourne, (AUS)
“Prints, paintings and ceramics”, Daniel Gillberg and Line Marsdal, Galleri Brogata 2,
Lillestrøm (NO)
“Galleri PurEnkel” Selected work for exhibition, Oslo (NO)

Residency (upcoming)
Zentrum für Keramik -The Center for Ceramics, Berlin (D) October - November.
Project: Graphic surface techniques and photography
Experience (relevant selection)
Self employed. Ceramics, art and paper conservation (papirkonservator.no)
Paper conservator, The Munch museum, Oslo (NO)
Paper conservator, The National museum of Art, Architecture and Design (NO)
2010,11,12, 19
Potter, (traditional Scandinavian slip ware techniques) Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo (NO)
Conservator (paintings/historic interiors), Stockholm (SWE)
Conservator (paintings/historic interiors), Stockholm (SWE)
Art teacher

2016 Ceramics program (focus on decoration techniques) - Mulljsjö Folkhögskola (SWE)
2011 Sustainable development - Gothenburg University (SWE)
2008-2009 MA studies conservation of cultural property - Gothenburg University
2005-2008 BA Science of the Conservation of Cultural Property - Gothenburg University
2002-2004 English, Social Anthropology, Art History, Gender Science - Högskolan Dalarna
2001-2002 Glass and Ceramics program - Östra Grevie Folkhögskola (SWE)
1999-2000 Musicians program - Gotlands Läns Folkhögskola (SWE)
1996-1999 The aesthetics program, drawing, painting, textile printing, sculpture etc
Haraldsbogymnasiet - Falun (SWE)

Selected Master Classes 
2015 Functional Ware - Ayumi Horie & Martha Grover, The Leksand Academy (SWE)
2015 Masterclass, slipware and decoration - Clive Bowen, The Leksand Academy (SWE)
2014 Exhibiting Works of Art and Historic Artefacts of Paper, Barbara Korbel, Metropolitan
Archives, London UK.
2014 Understanding Asian Papers and its Application in Paper Conservation
Minah Song, 20|21 Conservação e Restauro de arte Contemporanea, Lda, Porto, Portugal.
2012 Cleaning Treatment of Graphic Art on Paper With a Ridgid Hydrogel of Gellan Gum
Simonetta Lannuccelli & Silvia Sotgiu, ICPAL, Istituto Centrale per il Restauro el
Conservazione del Patrimonio Archivisto e Librario.
2010 A Master Class on The Digital Print; Identifying and Preservation
Martin Jürgens, Photo conservator, Rijks Museum, Amsterdam

Internships and Apprenticeships
2007 The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, dep. of paper conservation Oslo (NO)
2007 Sandiford & Mapes, specialist wallpaper conservator (UK)
2006 Paper conservator Helen Skinner, Private practice, Stockholm (SWE)
2006 Modern Museum of Sweden, Paper conservator Alison Northon, Stockholm (SWE)
2002 Regional Museum of Dalarna, Falun (SWE)
2000-2001 Helle Kobbernagel, Potter on the island of Gotland (SWE)

Other activity and commissions of trust (selected)
2018 Selected board member - PrideArt, Norway
2017 Lecture; ’Potters of Periscope’ - annual ceramics symposium Leksand Acedemy,
2016 Lecture; ’Periscope for potters and other social media for global makers’
International Scandinavian Clay Conference, ScanCeram 2016, Tolne, (DK)
2001 Selected jury member for the committee of enrolment of new students to the
musicians program, Gotlands Folkhögskola
1999 Grant/recognition for - ‘Excellent creative development' - Aesthetics program (SWE)

Selected conservation projects
2015-17 Investigation and conservation of early Buddhist manuscripts, Skøyen Collection,
Oslo (NO)
2013-14 Full conservation, restoration and partly reconstruction of an 1750’s hand painted
Chinese wallpaper, Chinese Pavillion, Royal Palace of Drottningholm (UNESCO
World Heritage), Stockholm (SWE)
2008 Restoring Europes largest in-situ collection of Kin-kara-kawa-gami (Japanese
wallpapers), Royal Institution of Great Britain, London (UK)

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