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Artist: Dave Locke


Dave Locke, ILLINOIS 

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Artist Statement

I enjoy making work that is functional and pleasing to the eye while also viewing this work as a mirror into my own thoughts and feelings. My process explores the tension between my inner- and outer-self. I create forms that range from structured and controlled to organic and free. I consider this range to be a projection of my own inner consciousness. My most controlled forms were inspired during moments I felt out of control in my life while my most serendipitous forms appeared during periods of calm. Regardless, I often iterate work slowly creating a series of pieces that embody a similar theme. I soda fire my work because I love obsessing over each element of a piece, deeming it complete, and then having to let it go without knowing exactly how it will turn out. My pieces incorporate a mixture of highly textured surfaces and unique drawings.  Many of my pieces include a mandala design on the bottom which is a subtle ode to the idea of feeling whole or complete. It is also a reminder to everyone that, while it’s okay to grow and evolve, we are complete as we are. But also, no meal or cup of coffee is complete without a handmade vessel. 



  • 2013 | Denison University | Granville, OH |  B.A. Economics, Minor Studio Art 


  • 2021 | Mug Madness | Saltstone Ceramics, Seattle, WA | Participating Artist (Juried Show)
  • 2020 | Mug Madness | Saltstone Ceramics, Seattle, WA | Participating Artist (Juried Show)
  • 2019 | Cups n’ Conversation | The Long Room, Chicago, IL | Participating Artist

Charity Events

  • 2019 | (re)fortify Celebrate Event | Chicago, IL | Participating Artist
  • 2016 | UNICEF ART PARTY | Fulton Street Collective, Chicago, IL | Participating Artist


  • 2012 | Talking Toasters and Underground Mountains | Bryant Art Center, Granville, OH | Curator

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