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Artist: Dow Redcorn

Artist: Dow Redcorn
Dow Redcorn, GEORGIA
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I have been fascinated with nature, forests and the life cycles of trees my entire lifetime. The aspen of Colorado, the bald cypress of Louisiana and the white oak and acorns in my own backyard have all been sources of my inspiration. My art work reflects this in the form of trees, acorns, leaves and stumps. My forms are made of stoneware, primarily thrown and sometimes altered. Once they have taken shape, they are carved using various tools and techniques to create a mix of reality and fanciful natural forms. They are airbrushed with underglaze and mid-fired with clear matte or gloss glaze. Current work includes atmospheric landscapes of deep forests and tree images. Sometimes, shapes include "Tree" pots, stump mugs, acorn salt and pepper shakers, bird and animal inspired pitchers. Anything is imaginable.

I have been making ceramics for ten years and am primarily a self-taught artist, but have learned many techniques through workshops, studio demonstrations, and miscellaneous classes. My ceramic artist influences are Alice Ballard, Sue Tirrell, and David Hicks. As a Native American from the Osage Indian Tribe in N.E. Oklahoma, the images of animals, nature and spirits that have long adorned our tribe's ceremonial clothing and blankets have had an influence on my work. While those images are not directly playing themselves out on my work today, the themes of nature as incorporated into our daily lives are.

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