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Artist: Hank Hugen

Hank Hugen
Hank Hugen, IOWA
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My work is impulsive by nature, yet it becomes refined through multiple stages of manipulation and evaluation.  References to the body can be seen through use of symmetry and proportion.  When exposed to fire, the surfaces begin to tell a story of time, space, and chaos.  Within this investigation, function becomes of utmost importance; although the surfaces become quite exciting. Through this process I have found a state of personal equilibrium.

2015 Graduated from Iowa City West High School
2015-present BFA in Ceramics at the University of Iowa (expected graduation: Spring 2019)


Class exhibition on Sustainability and Art, works from the sculpture program

December 2017 Privileged Complaints, Sam Kirk BFA show at the University of Iowa

University of Iowa Ceramics Holiday Sale

October 2017 Bananarama, group exhibition with all University of Iowa Ceramics

2013-2017 Lifeguard and pool manager at the North Liberty Aquatic Center
1000+ hours lifeguarding
design and run training routines for lifeguards
CPR and First Aid certified
2016-present Ceramics studio monitor
-clean and maintain the University’s main studio
Children of the Clay (Ceramics club) member and participant
-plan, organize, and lead group trips, exhibitions, and events


Three year’s experience operating wood, gas, soda, raku and electric kilns
Mixing clay and glazes for studio with 100+ students weekly
Familiarity with operation of all standard ceramics studio equipment,
such as pottery wheels, slab rollers, extruders, spray booths, etc.
General steel fabrication equipment, including Arc and Mig welding

Basic CNC and milling knowledge
Computer proficiency with design applications

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