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Artist: Hannah McAndrew

Artist: Hannah McAndrew
Hannah McAndrew, SCOTLAND
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My love for the material I work with has seen me move from a densely populated urban area, to this quiet corner of rural Galloway. After my degree, the desire to continue to learn about clay led me eventually, to find an apprenticeship with wood firing, earthenware potter Jason Shackleton. Jason introduced me to the techniques of slip trailing and sgraffito and the use of a flame burning kiln to fire the pots in. These techniques have formed the basis of my work since then.
The essential elements of my work come from my love of pots with a purpose, pots for use in the home. In particular I spend a lot of time looking at and where possible handling old English country pottery and medieval earthenwares. My
work is thrown in red earthenware, decorated with coloured slips and finished with rich honey glazes. Most of the decoration is applied to the surface of the pot whilst the slipped surface is still glistening wet. The nature of this means
that any patterns and imagery applied must be free and fluid to take full advantage of this state. Firing in my wood kiln gives me a further connection to my pots that I don't get from the electric kiln. I have been intrigued
and drawn in by the process of wood firing since I assisted at two very different firings whilst at university and then subsequently throughout my apprenticeship. I am so very excited by the adventure, what it holds and where it might lead

During my sixteen years as a studio potter I have built strong support from galleries and individuals up and down the
country and in more recent years in the USA and Japan. Nominated for the Janet Mansfield Memorial Award by the International Ceramics Magazine Editors Association 2013.
Craft & Design Selected Awards Silver Award winner in ceramics: 2009, 2010 & 2012.
Craft & Design Selected Awards Gold Award winner in ceramics and Maker of the Year 2014.

Manchester Metropolitan University, BA (Hons), Three Dimensional Design

Selected Exhibitions and Shows
Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. 16th - 18th August.
Earth and Fire, The Harley Gallery, Welbeck. 21st - 23rd June.
Spring Fling, Selected open studios event in Dumfries and Galloway. 25th - 27th May.
Hannah McAndrew Slipware, Gallery St Ives, Tokyo. April.
The Loveliests, Bizen Pottery Museum, 12th January - 10th March.

Spring Fling, Open Studios Event, Dumfries and Galloway, 26th - 28th May.
Fitch & McAndrew, Shared Aspirations, Schaller Gallery, Michigan, USA, June.
Earth & Fire, International ceramics exhibition, The Harley Gallery, Nottingham, 22nd - 24th June.
Potfest in the Park, Hutton in the Forest, Cumbria, 27th - 29th July.
Autumn Returns, Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright, September 8th - November 3rd.
The Loveliests, The Mashiko Museum of Art, Mashiko, Japan. October - December.


Great Slipware Show. Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan. April - May.
Spring Fling. Selected Open Studio Event Dumfries and Galloway, 27th - 29th May.
St Croix Tour Exhibition. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, USA. May - September.
Contemporary Craft Fair. Demonstrator, Bovey Tracey, Devon, 9th - 11th June.
Modern Makers. Lead maker in a programme for a small group of young people to work intensively with a
professional maker to learn craft skills. February - September.
Spring Fling. Open Studio Event, Dumfries and Galloway, 27th - 29th May.
Potfest in the Park. Hutton in the Forest, Cumbria, 26th - 28th July.
Pots and Food. Wardlow Mires, Derbyshire, 9th - 10th September.

Spring Fling, Selected Open Studio Event, Dumfries and Galloway, 28th - 30th May.
Earth & Fire, Rufford Craft Centre, Nottingham, 28 - 30 June.
Potfest in the Park, Hutton in the Forest, Cumbria, 29th - 31st July.
Pots and Printmaking, Cut the Mustard Gallery, 13th August - 6th November.
Burberry Fashion Week Launch, London Fashion Week, London, September.
Ceramic Art York, York Museum Gardens, 9th - 11th September.
Fitch & McAndrew Online, October - November.
International Wood Fire Exhibition, Schaller Gallery, Michigan, USA, 11th October - 28th November.

Selvedge Spring Fair, American Museum, Bath, 28th March.
Spring Fling, Selected open studio event across Dumfries & Galloway, 23rd - 25th May.
Potfest at the Palace, Scone Palace, Scotland, 12th - 14th June.
Red (the other clay), Trelowarren, Cornwall, June 15th - August 9th.
Earth & Fire, Rufford, Nottinghamshire, June 26th - 28th.
Potfest in the Park, Hutton in the Forest, Cumbria, July 24th - 26th.
Ceramic Art York, York Museum, September.
Leach Pottery Exhibition, St. Ives, Cornwall, November 1st - 31st.

AKAR Yunomi Invitational, Akar Gallery, Iowa, USA in conjunction with Studio Potter Magazine.
Manchester City Art Gallery, contemporary craft display, April to June.
Spring Fling, open studio event across Dumfries and Galloway, May 24th - 26th.
Earth and Fire, Rufford Country Park, Nottingham. June 20th - 22nd.

Contemporary Ceramics, London. August - October 2013.
Earth and Fire International Potters Festival, Nottingham. June 21st - 23rd .
Minnesota Pottery Tour, USA. May.
Takashimaya Department Store Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, April.
Winter Warmth, Castlegate House Art Gallery, Cockermouth. 24th November - 12th January 2013.

Potfest in the Park, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Penrith, Cumbria July 27th - 29th.
Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. July 6th - 8th.
Spring Fling. Dumfries and Galloway Open Studio Event. June 2nd - 5th.
Artspace. Barn Galleries, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. 11th - 28th May.
Slipware, Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan. April.
Art Fair Tokyo. Japan, March.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, USA. November 10th – 13th.
Exhibition 6 ’11, The Red Barn, Penrith, Cumbria. November 5th - January 14th.
Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. August 5th - 7th.

Potfest in The Park, Hutton in the Forest, Penrith. July 29th - August 1st.
Art in Action, Waterperry House, Oxfordshire. July 21st - 24th.
Earth and Fire International Ceramics Show, Rufford Country Park, Nottingham. June 24th - 26th.
Ancient Mariner, The Imagine Gallery, Long Melford, Suffolk. May – June.
Blackwell House, Windermere, Cumbria. October - December. 2010
Clay Blogs: Telling a Story. Campbell House Galleries, North Carolina USA, October 1st - 29th.
Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum, Shoreditch, London. September 17th 19th.
Potfest in the Park, Hutton in the Forest, Penrith, Cumbria. July 30th – August 1st.
Group Summer Exhibition. Westerwald Museum, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany. June – July.
A Breath of Fresh Air, Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery. July 26th September 12th.
Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany. Part of the UK contingent to exhibit at this ceramics market, June. Gifted, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. November 7th – January 10th.

Teaching and Demonstrating
-March 2017: Illustrated talk for Dumfries and Galloway Fine Art Society.
-September 2015: Ceramic Art York, talk and demonstration of decoration, York Art Gallery, York.
--August 2015: Masterclass workshop at Kigbeare Studios, Devon.
-January 2015: Illustrated talk for Scottish Pottery Society, Glasgow.
-April 2011: Invited on a tour to demonstrate in Cape Cod, Virginia and North Carolina USA.
-June 2011: Demonstrator at Earth and Fire, Nottingham.
-March 2011: Invited demonstrator for the Scottish Potters Association annual conference, Perthshire.
-June 20 - 21 st 2009: Demonstrating at the Slipware workshop at Taena Pottery, Gloucestershire.

Claycraft Magazine, February 2017.
Masterclass. Ceramic Review, Six page feature on my techniques, March / April 2016.
Contemporary Tableware by Linda Bloomfield. Featured potter. 2013.
The Joy of Jugs. Ceramic Review June / July 2012.
Report on PMA Craft Show Craft & Design Magazine. March / April 2012.
Advanced Pottery Techniques by Linda Bloomfield. Featured potter. 2011.
Colour In Glazes by Linda Bloomfield. Featured potter. 2011.
Homes and Interiors Scotland. May / June 2011.
Featured in- The Shelby Star Newspaper, North Carolina. April 24 th 2011.
Featured in- Period Living Magazine. April 2011.
Diary of a Craft Worker for Craft & Design Magazine, bimonthly throughout 2010.
Featured in- World of Interiors Magazine. August 2008.
A World of Opportunity;- Ceramic Review. August / September 2008.

Social Media
Facebook: @fitchandmcandrew
Instagram: @fitchandmcandrew
YouTube: Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew

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