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Artist: Harlan House

Artist: Harlan House
Harlan House,
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For almost 50 years I have made work that fits into people’s homes. It is useful work, and at the same time tells small stories about my part of this world. The fish on the Yunomi glasses live in my yard.

I have been educated by some very old Chinese potters who did good work in the 11th century. It is lovely to be influenced by these people, but it is not a good idea to copy their work. I hope my work has the smell of these old history lessons; maybe even some sizzle. My goal is to respect tradition but freshen it with new content. At the same time, I want to imbed a tactile beacon in it, which makes people gravitate towards touch, use and pleasure… with both their hands and eyes. 

Born November 14, 1943 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Canadian Citizen.
Married to Maureen. 
Children: daughter Marnie, son Abraham.

1964 - 1969
Alberta College of Art. Diploma of Fine Art.

Visual Arts and Crafts Grant, Alberta Government.
Visual Arts and Crafts Award.
Hill Memorial Trust Fund Scholarship.
Anonymous Award for Sculpture, Alberta College of Art.

Contributed to Canadian Pavilion, Osaka Worlds Fair, Japan.
Formed the Clay Association Studio, Calgary, subsequently The Clay Associated Ltd., to conduct business activities. After moving to Ontario in 1973, the business name was transferred three years later to "Harlan House Inc." - Lonsdale 1976.
Participated in Environment 1969, Calgary.
Two-Man Show, Red Deer Ceramics.
One-Man Show, Calgary Ceramics.
One-Man Show, Vancouver Ceramics.

On a continuing basis, teach selected workshop groups that are involved in Ceramics.
Taught Advanced Ceramics at the University of Calgary.
1971 - 1969
Taught Adult Extension course for the Alberta College of Art

Yunomi Invitational Exhibition, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, USA
"Northerners" Group Show of Five Canadian Ceramic Artists. AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, USA
Yunomi Invitational Exhibition, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, USA
Unity and Diversity International craft Biennial, Cheongiu, Korea
Yunomi Invitational Exhibition, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, USA
Canada Council long term visual arts grant to research slip casting technology and produce large vessel sculptures for two exhibitions in Halifax and Toronto
Yunomi Invitational Exhibition, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, USA
Forms and Shapes: Architecture Exhibition. AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa USA
Yunomi Invitational Exhibition, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, USA
A K Collings Art Gallery group show titled “Craft Dinner” Fast food Oil paintings and porcelain
David Kaye Gallery group exhibition of Saidye Bronfman Award recipients 
Opening Exhibition for Gallery Page and Strange Halifax Nova Scotia
Quietly Convincing Exhibition Burlington Cultural Center curator Tony Clennell
Canada council “A” grant. Creation/research in Germany and France
Ceramic Modernism, George R. Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada
Alberta College of Art and Design 75th Anniversary Exhibition Calgary, Alberta
Canadian Pavilion at EXPO 2000, Hanover, Germany
Canada Clay Today, The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. Toronto, Canada; Amsterdam, Holland; Faenza, Italy; Chicago USA.
Expressions 2000, Quinte Arts Council, Belleville. Drawings and Porcelain
Toronto Collects. Gardiner Museum
Poetry of the Vessel. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Fire and Earth Itabashi Art Museum, Japan. Organised by Burlington Cultural Centre
Jean. A. Chalmers National Crafts Award.
Fire and Earth Exhibition. Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington Ontario
Transformation’ - Prix Saidye Bronfman Award, 1977-1996. Canadian Museum of Civilisation.
White on White’ - Travelling Exhibition. Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario. Gallery of the Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China.
Elected to Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.
Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, Ontario. ‘Reshaping Tradition: Contemporary Canadian Ceramics in Asian Modes.’ - Exhibition.
MuJu International Exhibition. Seoul Korea
Taipei International Exhibition of Traditional Arts and Crafts. Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
The 1992 International Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art. National Museum of History. Republic of China.
20/20 Hindsight. Koffler Art Gallery. Toronto, Ontario. A twenty year retrospective exhibition. Publication written by Gloria Hickey.
Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in the Crafts.
Canada Council Arts Grant "A".
Ontario Craft - John Mather Award.
Victor Martyn Lynch Staunton Award.
Joan Chalmers Award for Excellence.
Homer Watson Gallery. Kitchener, Ontario.
Bronfman Award Nominee, Ceramists Canada, Ontario Crafts Council, Canadian Guild of Crafts.
London Art Gallery
Ontario Crafts '85, MacDonald Art Gallery.
Alberta College of Art.
Fireworks Travelling Exhibition.
Durham Art Gallery, Ontario.
Belleville Art Gallery, Ontario.
MacDonald Art Gallery, Toronto. Wood fired Exhibition.
Kornbluth Art Gallery, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Rails End Gallery, Staff Exhibition.
Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto. Best Ceramics Award.
Ontario Arts Council Research Grant.
1980, 1982, 1984
Ontario Potters Association, Ottawa.
Canada Council Grant, Wood Fire Research.
Metiers D'art III, Travelling European Exhibition
Ontario Potters Association, Purchase Award.
Special Pots, Special People. London, Ontario.
National Ceramics Show, Glenbow Art Gallery, Calgary.
Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston, Ontario, "Contemporary Ontario Crafts."
Ontario Art Gallery, "Down to Earth", (Travelling Show)
Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Florida, U.S.A.
Super Mud Conference, Niagara Falls, U.S.A.
Carborundum Museum Show, Niagara Falls, U.S.A.
Calgary Visual Art Exhibition.
Osaka Worlds Fair.
National Art Gallery, "Hairy Hill Exhibition", (Travelling Show).
Glenbow Art Gallery, A Prairie Sweet", a three man show organised by Bruce Ferguson.
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, "Vessel Show."
Canada Council Grant.
Canadian Biennial Travelling Show.
All Alberta Show". Montreal.
Environment Canada.
Canadian National Exhibition Prize for Excellence.

"Current Events" Exhibition, Canadian Guild of Crafts, Montreal, Quebec
"China, Made in Canada" an exhibition of procelain ceramics and oil paintings at David Kaye Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canda [Thank you Canada Council]
Angelines, Bloomfield, Ontario. 25 Year Retrospective of Paintings and drawings
David Kaye Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Gardiner Museum, Toronto Ontario
Harbinger Gallery, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario [ porcelain and drawings]
Page and Strange Art Gallery, Halifax, N.S. “Porcelain that works”
Prime Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario ‘Dinner on the table-Lunch on the wall’ oil paintings and porcelain
Prime Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Prime Art Gallery, Toronto Ontario
Canadian Guild of Crafts, Montreal Quebec
Thirty Year Retrospective Exhibition. “Then and Now” Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington Ontario. Curated by Jonathan Smith 
Prime Art Gallery. One Man Exhibition, Drawings and Porcelain
Studio 21 Halifax
Prime Art Gallery, Toronto
1992, 1993, 1995
The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario.
1988, 1990-1002, 1994, 1996, 1998
Canadian Guild of Crafts, Montreal, Quebec.
Gallery One, Toronto, Ontario.
1987-1996, 1990-1989, 1992
Ufundi Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.
1979-1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1991-1992
Quest Gallery, Victoria British Columbia.
1982, 1991
Ontario Crafts Council, Toronto, Ontario.
Belleville Public Art Gallery, Belleville Ontario.
1982-1985, 1980, 1988
Hiberna Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1974-1985, 1987
Rubaiyat Gallery. Calgary, Alberta.
Alexandra Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Guild Shop, Toronto, Ontario, " New Porcelain, Old Ways."
Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston, Ontario, "Ten Year Retrospective."
Ontario Potters Association, Toronto, Ontario.
1974, 1976-1979, 1982, 1985, 1987
Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
1976, 1985
Alice Peck Gallery, Burlington, Ontario.
"Form and Function". Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. 
Red Deer Museum and Archives, Alberta, "A Measure of Success," Retrospective.
1978, 1980
Kornbluth Gallery, New Jersey, U.S.A.
1974, 1978
Canadian Guild of Potters.
1974-1975, 1977
Kingston Gallery of Fine Canadian Crafts, Ontario.
1975, 1977
Canadian Guild of Crafts. Toronto.
Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
Alberta College of Art Gallery.
Claybin, Vancouver, British Columbia

Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta.
Red Deer, Alberta.

Holland College, Prince Edward Island.
Alberta Potters Association.
British Columbia Potters Association.
Ontario Crafts Council (Quinte).
London and Regional Potters Association, London, Ontario.
Red Deer Junior College.
Advisor to the Ontario Board of Education, Art and Craft Survey.
St. Lawrence College Board of Advisors, Brockville.
Ontario Association of College Instructors, Mississauga, Ontario.
Lester B. Pearson College, Vancouver Island, Victoria.
Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario.
Museum and Archives, Sudbury, Ontario.
Alberta Potters Association, Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton.
Ontario Clay and Glass, "Fusion".
Gardiner Museum, Toronto.
MuJu International Environmental Clay Arts Symposium. Korea, 1995
Mowhawk College, Hamilton, Ontario.
Ontario Potters Association, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto.
School of Visual Arts, Montreal, Quebec.
Ceramics Seminar, Department of Education, Calgary.
Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, Halifax.
New Brunswick School of Art, Fredericton.
Nova Scotia Designer Craftsmen Association, Halifax.
Sheridan School of Design, Toronto, Ontario.
University of Alberta, Edmonton.
Potters Guild, Edmonton and Kingston.
University of Calgary.
Alberta College of Art, Calgary.
Canadian/Chinese Ceramics Conference 1997.

Glenbow Art Gallery.
University of Calgary.
Government of Alberta.
Alberta Art Foundation.
Confederation Art Gallery, Prince Edward Island.
National Canadian Craft Council Collection.
Montreal Museum of fine Art.
Indusmin Collection, Toronto, Ontario.
Canadian Guild of Crafts Collection, Toronto, Ontario.
Massey Collection, Toronto.
Royal Scottish Museum, Britain.
Royal Ontario Museum.
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
Winnipeg Art Gallery.
Canadian Museum of civilisation, Hull, Quebec.
The Claridge Collection, Montreal, Quebec.
Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington, Ontario.
Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Commission for Joan Chalmers. The #1 Chestnut Dinner Service... a Commission of Pleasures.
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute - Jiangxi, China.
Numerous personal private collections.

COMMISSIONS, MURALS (Ceramics/ Stoneware/ Porcelain)
Hoffman and Chinery Designers, Edmonton, Alberta.
Alberta Government Telephone Buildings, Calgary, Alberta.
Highfield Development Corporation, Victoria Place and Highland Place, Edmonton.
Nu West Land Development Corporation, Edmonton, Alberta.
Burnett Duckworth and Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Built in Art. Ontario Crafts Council, Toronto, Ontario.
Built in Art, Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Masters: Porcleain. Lark Publications [Spring Release 2008]
World Famous Ceramic Artists’ Studios, Bai Ming, Hebei, Fine Publishing House
Studio Ceramics in Canada, Gail Crawford
Contemporary Studio Porcelain, Peter Lane, A &C Black London 
21st Century Ceramics. Bill Hunt, American Ceramics Society
September 2004 Ceramics Monthly, written by Diane Creber
Clay Today. The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto
Ceramics Art and Perception #36 Single Flower Vases 1999
Fire and Earth Itabashi Art Museum, Itabashi, Japan
Copper Red Glazes. Robert Tichane.
Rotunda - The Magazine of the Royal Ontario Museum. ‘Canadian Ceramics in Asian Traditions’, Raphael Yu. Summer, 1996.
Canadian Collector, January/February 1987, Pages 38, 39, 40, 41.
Ceramics Monthly, Woodfiring, pages 23, 24, 25, February 1984.
Works of Craft, The Massey Foundation, pages 114, 158, 164, 165, 191; 1984.
Ceramics, A Potters Handbook, Glenn C. Nelson, page 178; 1984.
Ceramics of the World, Gottfried Borrman.
The Perfect Setting, Office of the Governor General of Canada, 1983.
Studio Ceramics, Peter Lane, pages 50, 51, 73, 75, 169; 1983.
Ceramics Monthly, Portfolio, pages 47 to 54, December 1981.
The Craftsman's Way, Flanders and Massey, Page 50; 1981.
Porcelain, Jane Axel and Karen McCready, 1981.
Contemporary International Ceramics, Hildegard Storr-Britz, 1980.
The Art of the Earth, Rona Murray and Walter Dexter, Pages 38, 39; 1979.
Arts Canada. Pages 64, 65, May 1973.

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