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Artist: Ian Childers

Artist: Ian Childers
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My traditional ceramic works are made on a pottery wheel out of porcelain and fired with zinc silicate crystalline glazes. Through chemistry and a very specific firing schedule I am able to grow two dimensional crystals on the surface of the pots. The forms are usually swelled out vessels with narrow openings, or large flat platter forms giving the glaze on the pots a smooth and beautiful field on which to grow the crystals. I push the clay to right to the brink of failure in order to create pots that stretch from narrow to wide. My interest it to create forms that reflect the preciousness and beauty of a gemstone. The objective in my traditional ceramic works is merely to create objects of beauty.

MFA, University of Massachusetts; May 2008, Full teaching assistantship

BFA, Shorter College, May 2004

Mississippi University for Women, August 2011-Present
Columbus, MS
Assistant Professor
Ceramics (intro through advanced), Sculpture, 2D and 3D design,
Faculty Senate, Faculty Housing committee, Health and Safety
coordinator, Emergency Preparedness committee, Foundations In
Art Education committee, Recruitment and Retention committee,
Admissions Review committee, Student trip coordinator, Classroom
technologies coordinator

Shorter University, August 2008 – May 2011
Rome, GA
Artist in Residence
Adjunct Professor of Ceramics
Adjunct Professor or Sculpture

University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2005 - May 2008
Amherst, MA 01002.
Teaching wheel throwing, Spring 2006 to Spring 2008
T.A. Foundations of Art, Fall 2005
Amherst Council for the Arts, 2008
Amherst, MA
Introduction to wheel thrown pottery
Mark Hopkins Sculpture, December 2004 to August 2005, Rome GA
Ceramic Shell Technician, Head of Ceramic Shell Division

“Salad Days” Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, New Castle, ME,
July 2017 (upcoming)

“Liquor Vessels” Roswell West, Roswell GA, May 2017 (upcoming)

Yunomi 2017 Invitational, Clay AKAR, Iowa City, IA May 2017

“Last Call II” Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN, March 2017

“The Cup, The Mug” Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, NY, December 2016

“Featured artist” Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL,
November 2016

“Untitled solo exhibition” Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN,
October 2016

Cup: The Intimate Object XII, Charlie Cummings Gallery, September
2016 (invited artist)

“Irons in the Fire” Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN September

“With the Best Intentions”, Mammal Gallery, Atlanta GA,
September 2015

Cup: The Intimate Object XI, Charlie Cummings Gallery, October
2015 (invited artist)

KC Clay Guild Tea bowl National 2015, Kansas City Missouri, July

Mississippi Collegiate Art Faculty Juried Exhibition, Lauren
Rogers Museum, April 2015

“Ian Childers” Roswell Clay Collective, Roswell, GA July 2014

KC Clay Guild Tea bowl National 2014, Kansas City Missouri, July

“Art of the cup” Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans,
September 2013

“MUW Ceramics” Rozenswieg Arts Center, Columbus MS, April 2013

“Crytsallis” (invited lecturer) La Bisbal D’Emporda Spain, April 2013

Ian Childers “Recent Works” Shorter University, Rome GA, January

“Ian Childers” Berry College, Rome GA, October 2011

Perspectives: 2011 Georgia Pottery Invitational, Watkinsville GA,
August 2011

KC Clay Guild Tea bowl National 2011, Kansas City Missouri, June

Frozen In Fire: Crystalline Waves, Dunedin FL, March 2011

“Ian Childers” MGCCC, Biloxi MS, October 2010

Strictly Functional Pottery National, Lancaster PA, October 2010,
Juried by Bill Van Gilder

Wood fired Tea bowl Invitational, Roswell GA, October 2010

“Collaboration”, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL, April 2009

The Crystalline Spectrum , Alexandria VA, September 2008

Empty Bowls, Rome Area Council for the Arts, October 2008

Strictly Functional Pottery National Show, Lancaster PA, April 2008
Juried by Linda Arbuckle

“What I want”, Herter Gallery, UMass, Amherst, MA, April 2008

Ian Childers, Book Gallery, Amherst, MA July 2007

Ian Childers, Gordon Hall, Amherst, MA June 2007

Midway, Herter Gallery, UMass, Amherst, MA March 2007

“Strictly Functional Pottery National Show”, Lancaster, PA, April
2007 Juried by Malcolm Davis

“TROJAN”, the Naked Duck Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, April 2007

University of Massachusetts Graduate show, September 2007

“Exchange” RISD, Providence RI, 2006

“Red Ryder” Show, Northampton, MA ,February 2006

University of Massachusetts Graduate show, September 2005

R.A.C.A Ceramics show, October 2004

Invited Artist Residency – Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts –
Summer 2017 (upcoming)

Crystalline Glazes workshop, Companion Gallery, October 2016

Crystalline Journey, Pottery Making Illustrated, June 2016
(contracted article)

Wheel workshop, City Schools of Meridian, Meridian MS, April 2015
Roswell Clay Collective, Invited Resident artist. May 2014-August

Ceramics Monthly magazine, Exposure, September 2014

MS State University, Thrown forms workshop, April 2014

Revista Ceramica magazine, July 2013

“Crytsallis”, Invited lecturer, La Bisbal D’Emporda Spain, April 2013

Skull-a-Day featured artist, January 2013

Ceramics Monthly magazine, exhibitions, January 2011

Wood fired Forms, Thrown forms and wood kiln firing, MUW,
Columbus MS, October 2010

Wood Fired Forms, Thrown forms workshop and Anagama firing,
Atlanta Clay 2010

Ceramics Monthly magazine, The New World of Crystalline Glazes by
Diane Creber, September 2010

“Collaboration”, University of Alabama, Three day lecture,
workshop. Tuscaloosa, AL April 2009

Ceramics Monthly, Exhibitions, January 2009

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