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Artist: Kari Radasch

Artist: Kari Radasch
Kari Radasch, MAINE
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My earthenware pots are both sparse and embellished. Structurally the bodies of my pots are straightforward, yet the surfaces tend towards bold, graphic and at times peculiar ornamentation.

I revel in this dualism by collecting, arranging and garnishing; then organizing, simplifying and editing both my forms and surface. I pluck joyous observations from my surroundings: the garden, children’s books, junk stores, compost piles and my kids sticker books. I reassemble and reimagine these investigations, like sketches in a sketch book, into functional dishes -- a format which has the unique ability to hold a warm, sentimental place in our lives.

Lately I have become interested in assertive acts of decorating: graffiti, topiary, tattoos and piercings. They seem unequivocal and self-assured in their desire to adorn. The physical nature of these acts alone shows conviction. I like that confidence. I like to think that every time I decorate I am instigating a deliberate and significant act of “Making Special”.

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