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Artist: Kelleher & Teruyama

Artist: Kelleher & Teruyama
Kelleher & Teruyama, NEW YORK
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In 2005 we moved to an artist in residence program at Penland School of Crafts. Part of our proposal to the residency was to explore collaborative work. Since then we have made 5-10 collaborative pieces a year.

The structure we set up for the work has been the same since the beginning. First, Matt always makes the form and Shoko always decorates it. On a few pieces we have discussed the form and possible surface, but for the most part we leave the decisions to the maker of each step. Second, we don’t create an artist statement or define our ideas or concepts. We are critical of our decisions and expect to make the best pieces we can, but the work is “free to be.” Third, if we don’t want to make it, we don’t. Our personal bodies of work take priority.

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