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Artist: Keok B. Lim

Keok Lim
Keok B. Lim, GEORGIA
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I was born in Singapore and worked as a dentist for twenty years before moving to Atlanta in 2001 with my family. Always being very keen on the arts, I began making pottery and sculpture 10 years ago at the Spruill Art Center in Dunwoody, GA, under the tutelage of Carol Brull, while homeschooling my autistic son.

My years of teaching special needs pottery has taught me to simplify, laugh, and “just do it”.

Growing up in a rural farm and the youngest of 9 siblings, I had plenty of time observing nature and daydreaming as a child. I draw inspiration from anything that catches my attention and enjoy challenging myself to new ways of expressing my art. My work always has a story, a personal narrative relying on memory and personal experiences as my subject matter. Lately, I have started to draw on my pieces, both sculptural and functional. I draw images spontaneously as to capture the directness and freshness of my stories.

Through exploring different techniques and minimum glazing, I made my work in the respect for the material and process, in hope to create delicate and imaginative pieces.

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