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Artist: Kirsten Bassion

Kirsten Bassion, MASSACHUSETTS
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Kirsten Bassion is the owner and one of the original co-founders of The Clay School which was formerly North Shore Clay Studio started in 2005.  In December of 2010 the studio changed names and Kirsten became the sole owner.  The Clay School has grown into a vibrant clay center where over 150 students and artists take classes and make work. To  this day she uses the studio a her own place to create her work as well as a creative place to teach and inspire others. 

There are many things to juggle in Kirsten's life between being an artist entrepreneur to teaching at Harvard University and then there is her other job as the mother of two.  Life is never boring and today she is grateful that school is all day.  She lives in her hometown, Marblehead, MA with her husband and two girls.

I create functional pottery for daily use.  I hope that it catches the eye through the use of bright colors, intricate patterns, and satisfies the user through generous forms and tactile surfaces.  For years before that I was a quilter and that has also inform how I divide up the space on each form and lay down pattern as well as color and texture.  

Some of my pieces are wheel thrown while others are hand built but all are painted with unique underglaze designs.  Most patterns are created using paper stencils and a slip trailer. The work is finished in a cone 5 oxidation kiln. I work in white stoneware, porcelain, and a dark brown stoneware.

My hope is that the final product is one that is visually stimulating and comfortable to use.  I strive to create work that I enjoy making and that is fun to use share with others. This is part of the joy of being a potter.  

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