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Artist: Kurt Brian Webb

Kurt Brian Webb
Kurt Brian Webb, ILLINOIS
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Kurt Brian Webb’s most formative educational experiences include
attending public schools of Elgin, Illinois during the sixties & seventies, being
afforded an unbridled childhood, building houses with his father in the eighties
and traveling solo throughout the United States and abroad throughout his life.
More typical spheres of his education led to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics),
Bachelor of Science (Education), Master of Education (Reading/Storytelling) and Master of Fine Arts (Ceramics/Printmaking).

Webb, an adventuresome hopeless romantic, draws his driving force in life and artistic vision from consequential discoveries he makes, while deliberately preferring less ordinary paths to his destinations. Inspirational methodologies in art history including the Dance of Death, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Ship of Fools and Woodcut Novels are cornerstones of his artwork. His evolving interests also include amateur rodeos, carnival sideshows, Chet Baker’s and Dinah Washington’s oeuvres, film noir, mournful Mexican ranchera ballads, unrequited love and world political disarray. These interests coupled with his traditional influences allow him to pursue individuality in his ceramics and printmaking thematic pursuits through eclectic subject matter, meticulously exacting construction and decoratively enhanced surfaces all produced within a contemporary context. Following daring early twentieth-century European political graphic art against war, for peace, international understanding and social justice, it is Webb’s intention to encourage awareness, dissent, fearlessness, and inhibition.

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