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Artist: Kyle Scott Lee


Kyle Scott Lee, NEW YORK

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Artist Statement

My work is inspired by artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Piet Mondrian, the simplicity of design, with directional fine lines, as well as, the freeform movement of abstract design..  It aims to capture the abstract design of color, depth and the imperfection and then placed on traditionally shaped forms that exhibit both functional and sculptural.  


Artist Bio

Kyle Lee was born in White Plains, NY and currently resides in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. He creates voluptuous vessels and well-turned cups that provide the canvas for his unique hand painting and surface treatments. Kyle’s practice has included teaching over the years at Educational Alliance Art School and other institutions. Kyle has studied ceramics in multiple studios throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY and has exhibited in solo and group gallery exhibitions in New York City and abroad. His work can also be found in private collections in London, France, New York, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina. Over his 15 years as a ceramicist, Kyle has developed his unique style of ceramic art incorporating traditional shapes with a colorful and abstract sense of design and glaze application.

Kyle is one of the founding members of the BKLYN CLAY Ceramic Studio and  the first recipient of the BKLYN CLAY Residency. He is currently creating work for West Elm and Paul Smith Design Shop & Gallery and 20 x 200 

Kyle currently teaches classes at the Educational Alliance Art School in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 


Process Details

Kyle Lee creates ceramics using White Stoneware Clay and paints them with a sprayed layer of white underglaze (much like a painter gesso’s a canvas) to create a blank surface in which to paint upon. The pieces are then colored with brush strokes of vibrantly colored underglazes with wax resisted shapes and symbolism.  The pieces are glazed with a clear, transparent glaze and then fired to Cone 6.


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