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Artist: Lauren Karle

Artist: Lauren Karle
Lauren Karle, NEW MEXICO
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My ultimate mission is to facilitate connections between cultures and within communities. Through shared experiences, such as eating a meal together or sipping tea, people can find commonalities amongst their unique backgrounds. I have seen that a small amount of appreciation and awareness can lead to respect and cooperation.

Art both reflects our experiences and shapes them. Ceramic art has always bridged both of these responsibilities of art in society. Art objects are imbued with identity, culture, and environment, reflecting people and place. Utilitarian ceramics are inherently linked to the history of food and beverages, shaping how we interact. Used in special ceremonies, daily rituals, and community events, vessels mediate and define human interaction. I approach the making of my work knowing that it has the potential to be the interface between people and relationships.

My work is inspired by people with whom I have interacted. The work reflects each person - their character, aesthetic, passions, culture, and environment – through my lens. I carefully layer the forms and surfaces with meaning, and through their use they have the ability to influence experiences. Made from earthenware and patterned with slip-transferred designs, each piece is food safe. As my work conveys nourishment to our bodies, I hope that relationships and connections will continue to grow. Art and handicrafts have the potential to unite people, preserve culture, help us understand each other, and safeguard the beauty of history. I hope to touch the lives of as many people as possible through my craft, community, and passion for humanity.

Kansas State University. Manhattan, KS MFA (Ceramics)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln, NE Post-Baccalaureate (Ceramics)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Eau Claire, WI Bachelor of Arts (K-12 Art Education)
Lancaster University. Lancaster, England Semester Abroad

Betty Woodman Prize. Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
ArtAxis Member. Online
Strecker-Nelson Gallery MFA Scholarship. Strecker-Nelson Gallery
Phi Kappa Phi Member. Kansas State University
NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship
Angelo C. Garzio Scholarship. Kansas State University
2012, 2011
Donoghue Graduate Scholarship. Kansas State University
Judith Temple Scholarship. Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
Fulbright Program. Teaching Assistantship, Indonesia, Awarded but declined
Grimm, Gretchen Art Education Scholarship. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Chancellors Scholarship. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Nell Ferstol Scholarship. Middleton, WI

2016 Charlotte Street Foundation. Across the Table, Across the Land. Commissioned by NCECA, curated by Michael Strand and Namita Gupta Wiggers. Kansas City, KS.
2015 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Portion Plates. Social project in Omaha, NE
2015 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Bemis Benefit Art Auction. Invitation from Alex Priest. Omaha, NE
2015 Escuela de Arte Talavera. From Façade to Functional. Solo exhibition. Talavera de la Reina, Spain.
2015 David Winton Bell Gallery. 2015 NCECA Biennial. Jurors Linda Christianson, Jo-Ann Conklin, Anders Ruhwald. Providence, RI.
2015 Beach Museum of Art. Cultivating Community through Shared Experiences. Manhattan, KS.
2015 LUX Center for the Arts. Wrappables. Lincoln, NE
2015 Charlie Cummings Gallery. Cup: The Intimate Object X, Gainesville, FL.
2014 Market House Craft Center. Strictly Functional Pottery National. National Juror Christa Assad. Lancaster, PA
2014 The Clay Studio. 11th Annual Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition. Philadelphia, PA
2014 LUX Center for the Arts. Wrappables. Lincoln, NE
2014 Strecker-Nelson Gallery. Scholarship exhibition. Manhattan, KS.
2014 Kemper Gallery. MFA thesis exhibition Nourishing Connections. Manhattan, KS.
2014 Manhattan Arts Center. Snacks. Manhattan, KS. 2014 NCECA’s 50th Anniversary Fundraising exhibition. Set the Table. Invitation from Simon Levin. Online.
2014 Hyart Gallery. Ceramic World Cup Exhibition and Competition. Madison, WI 2014 Workhouse Arts Center. Drink This! Workhouse International Cup Show
2014. International juried cup exhibition, juror Sam Chung, Lorton, Virginia. Honorable Mention.
2014 Charlie Cummings Gallery. Cup: The Intimate Object IX, Gainesville, FL.
2013 KSU Alumni Center. Composite: Flint Hills Human Rights Project Art Exhibition. Regional juried show, Manhattan, KS.
2013 LUX Center for the Arts. MUG Shots. National juried cup exhibition, juror Eddie Dominguez, Lincoln, NE.
2013 Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts. NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition, juror Bonnie Seeman & Kevin Snipes, Houston, TX
2013 Adams State University. Compelling Surfaces. Invitation from Jennifer Gawronski, Alamosa, CO
2013 Chapman Gallery. Collective Input. Manhattan, KS
2013 Grad Space. Hand & Dyepot. Manhattan, KS
2012 Kemper Gallery. University Life Café juried exhibition. Manhattan, KS.
2012 Santa Fe Community College School of Art and Design Visual Arts Gallery. Ecumene: Global Interface in American Ceramics National Exhibition, juror Linda Ganstrom, Santa Fe, NM. 2012 Charlie Cummings Gallery. Cup: The Intimate Object VIII, online.
2012 Chapman Gallery. Subconscious Oscillations: The Constant Mind. Manhattan, KS
2012 Kansas State Univerity. Scholarship Exhibition. Manhattan, KS
2012 LUX Center for the Arts. MUG Shots. National juried cup exhibition, juror Gail Kendall, Lincoln, NE.
2012 Mulvane Art Museum. Crafts National. National juried exhibition, juror Gail M. Brown, Topeka, KS
2012 Chapman Gallery. Transitions. Manhattan, KS
2012 Fuel Coffee and Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts. Cups and Coffee. National juried cup exhibition, juror Dylan Beck, Seattle, WA
2011 Kemper Gallery. Graduate Student Show. Manhattan, KS
2011 Charlie Cummings Gallery. Cup: The Intimate Object VII, online.
2011 Columbian Theatre Museum & Art Center. Identifying Marks, Manhattan, KS
2011 Lightwell Gallery. From the Prairie to the Planes, Norman, OK
2009-2011 UNL Clay Club Semi Annual Exhibition and Sale. Lincoln, NE
2007-2009 Colegio Interamericano Exhibition and Sale. Guatemala City, Guatemala

Escuela de Arte Talavera, Talavera de la Reina, Spain
Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, KS

2015 Carthage College, Kenosha, WI
2015 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
2015 Potters Council Conference. Columbus, OH
2014 Oregon School of Arts and Crafts. Portland, OR

Jan 2016 “This Became That,” Ceramics Monthly, p 20-22.
2016 Potters Council Calendar, Talavera Past
Dec 2015 “2015 NCECA Biennial,” by Glen Brown. Ceramics Monthly, p 58-62.
Fall 2015 “Public Art Practice,” Coauthor, Ceramics Technical No.41.
Sept 2015 “Adam Field: Harmonized Dichotomies,” Ceramics Monthly, p 46-49.
2015 Graphic Clay by Jason Burnett
June 2014 “The Talavera Tradition at Uriarte,” Ceramics Monthly, p 24-28.
Dec 2013 “Michael Strand: Connecting Humanity One Bridge at a Time,” Ceramics Monthly, p 39-43.
Sept 2013 “Wearing Different Hats: The 2013 NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition,” by Garth Johnson. Ceramics Monthly, p 51-55.
2012 Ecumene: Global Interface in American Ceramics, p 38-39.
Oct 2012 “Sewing Cultures Through Pottery,” Ceramics Monthly, p 54-59.
Sept 2012 “Kristen Kieffer: The Impact of Daily Elegance,” Ceramics Monthly, p 40-43.
2011 “As Far as I Know” by Peter Pinnell, Slips: Citation. Clay Times.

2016 Santa Fe Clay. Instructor, Santa Fe, NM
2014-Present New Mexico School of the Arts. Substitute Teacher, Santa Fe, NM
2011-2014 Kansas State University. Graduate Teaching Assistant as Instructor of Record, Manhattan, KS
2009-2011 Lincoln Public Schools. Substitute Teacher, Lincoln, NE
2007-2009 Colegio Interamericano. Middle School Art Teacher, Guatemala City
2006 South Middle School. Volleyball Coach, Eau Claire, WI
2005 Eau Claire Summer Arts Institute. Teaching Assistant, Eau Claire, WI

2015 Escuela de Arte Talavera Artist-in-Residence. Talavera de la Reina, Spain (1 month)
2013 Uriarte Talavera. Intern, Puebla, Mexico (9 weeks)
2007-2009 Colegio Interamericano. Middle School Art Teacher, Guatemala City, Guatemala
2005 Lancaster University. Semester Abroad, Lancaster, England
2001 People to People. Student Ambassador (3 weeks), Australia and New Zealand

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