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Artist: Logan Wannamaker

Logan Wannamaker
Logan Wannamaker, NEW MEXICO
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In 2006, I moved to Taos, New Mexico from Colorado to help create a ceramics community. This included a summer workshop program, two residencies, ongoing classes and variety of firing possibilities. In 2014 I handed over Taos Clay and I am currently pursuing making full time. Taos Clay helped me draw in ceramic artists from all over the world and has been the majority of my education and background in ceramics. It takes a community to fire many of the kilns we have built around Taos and Taos Clay has been a vital part of keeping the ceramics community aware of the trends of contemporary ceramics. I show the majority of my work out of my gallery located on the the road to the ski valley in Taos, New Mexico. I showcase my work in hotels, galleries, boutiques and restaurants throughout the United States. The majority of my work is showcased in these settings however, to have a direct relationship with my collectors I do sell directly through my website. The intention of my website is to not only create an avenue to sell work directly to my collectors but, also share my story of creating a life as an artist, father and avid outdoorsman in rural New Mexico. Please visit my daily photo blog or if you have the opportunity, make an appointment and come visit my gallery in Taos, New Mexico. 

Ceramics is a medium that requires patience and experience.    In no other craft is the artists up against so many variables.    The clay and the firing process are constantly educating and opening up new challenges.    Working in clay has been a meditative, grounding journey.    It is humbling yet, rewarding. You are an alchemist trying to recreate and refine the elements into something functional and inspiring.

The majority of my work is influenced by where I live. The high mountain desert of New Mexico inspires my color palette,  forms and  structure of my vessels. I am constantly trying to incorporate native materials. I work atmospherically;    Instead of glazing my work, I introduce or fire with wood, salt and soda to mark the work in a more natural aesthetic. I believe less is more and, I am constantly trying to showcase the inherent beauty in the object....  based upon its composition, weight and balance. The majority of my kilns are located around my home in Taos but, I fire in a variety of wood kilns around the United States. 

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