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Artist: Lynne Hobaica

Lynne Hobaica
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My work is fueled by thoughts on how the human awareness of death propels how we live and is inspired by the stories we experience and will be remembered by. Whether it be life-changing mistakes, working against distance and time to hold relationships together, or the joyful awkwardness of exploring new relationships. With every new person you let into your life, somehow you become a new person. My hope is to communicate some of the intricate complexities of life through humor and empathy. I reveal characters pulled from personal and historical mythologies and fairytales, and give them an emotion or gesture that you might connect with; perhaps you recognize an old friend, a past lover or yourself. It is through these connections and more that I am inspired to create, ultimately to share my own stories, and the stories that others have generously shared with me.


University of Art and Design Linz (Kunstuniversität), College of Fine Arts, Linz, Austria
2013-2015, MFA in Sculptural Conceptions/ Ceramics
Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse, NY
2007-2010, BFA in the History of Art with Ceramics concentration
Magna Cum Laude, Deans Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, Golden Key International Honors Society

2019 Blue Ridge Soap Shed Scholarship, Penland, NC
2nd Place in 3-D, Creative Visions Gallery, Bremerton, WA
2018 De Poi Award, Seattle Perugia Sister City Association, Perugia, Italy
2017 Wally Grant, $2500 Project Grant, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
2015 ÖH Projekt Förderung, 1000 Euro Project Grant, Kunstuniversität, Linz
2014 Mary B. Bishop and Francis S. Merritt Scholarship, Haystack School of Craft,
Deer Isle, ME
2007-2010 Deans Scholarship, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
2007-2010 Phi Beta Kappa Honors Scholarship, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Firehouse Gallery, Rochester, NY
Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA
Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY
Imprint Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR
Signature Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Solo and Two-person Exhibitions
2019 Featured Artist, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2018 I will help you live forever, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Featured Artist, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2016 We Felt It Desirable, Collaboration with Oktavia Schreiner, Firehouse Gallery,
Rochester, NY
A Possible Result of Wanderlust, Firehouse Gallery, Rochester, NY
2015 Lost, Found, Refound, Master Thesis Exhibition, Kunstuniversität Linz, Linz, Austria
It would be better for us all if you stayed, W2EG09, Linz, Austria
2012 Darwinian Encounters, Coach Street Clay, Canandaigua, NY
2011 Curio, Exhibition with Allison Craver, Firehouse Gallery, Rochester, NY

Group Exhibitions
2019 The Almighty Cup, Invitation, Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY
The Americano 2019, Invitation, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, IA
Cup Show Invitational, Abel Contemporary Gallery, Belleville, WI
Functional Canvas, Invited Artist, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL
NCECA Gallery Expo, Gandee Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Diverse Direction in Clay, Columbia City Gallery, Seattle, WA
CVG Show, Collective Visions Gallery, Bremerton, WA
Annual Group Exhibition, Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA
2018 Unwedged, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Cup: The Intimate Object, Invited Artist, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL
Clayfest Northwest, Invitational, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Coffee and Clay, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Functional Canvas III, Invitational, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL
Art of Water, James May Gallery, Algoma, WI
(In)Visible, Braddock Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, PA
Clay as Canvas, Clay Center of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
2017 Holiday Show, Objective Clay, www.objectiveclay.com
Unwedged, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Cup: The Intimate Object, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC
Clayfest Northwest, Invitational, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Juried National IV, Red Lodge Clay Center, Redlodge, MT
Working Pots II, James May Gallery, Algoma, WI
Cup Show, Jansen Art Center, Lyndon, WA
Functional Relationships, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, IN
50 Years of Pottery Northwest, NCECA, Pigeon Toe Gallery, Portland, OR
2016 Unwedged, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
A Good XCuse, Gandee Gallery, Fabius, New York
The Clay Way Invitational, The Clay Lady’s Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Best Off, Brückenkopfgebäude Wesr, Linz, Austria
2015 Jahres Ausstellung 2015, Kunsthalle, Linz, Austria
2014 Spiel des Lebens, VKB Gmunden, Gmunden, Austria
Faculty and Assistant Exhibition, Haystack School of Craft, Deer Isle, Maine
Jahres Ausstellung 2014, Kunstuniversitaät Linz, Linz, Austria
Mia Sun Mir, Mir, Linz, Austria
Arbeitsplatz Öffentlicher Raum, Mir, Linz, Austria
No Longer Empty, Raumschiff, Linz, Austria
2013 Ten - Nineteen Return to Station, Firehouse Gallery, Rochester, NY
2012 Adventwoche in der Werkstatt, Slow Craft, Vienna, Austria
Cup Show, Phonebooth Gallery, State College, PA
2011 Winter Show, Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY
Winterfest, Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD
History in the Making, Firehouse Gallery, Rochester, NY
32nd Annual Contemporary Crafts, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
2010 Syracuse University BFA Show, Coyne Gallery, Syracuse, NY

Workshops and Presentations
Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, AZ
Accademia di Belli Arti di Perugia, Perugia, Italy
Edmonds Pottery Co-op, Edmonds, WA
Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
Moshier Arts Center, Burien, WA
Pottery, Northwest, Seattle, WA

CityStream: Opportunity & Initiative. Seattle Channel. December 6, 2018
Kids Try Making Pottery with a Potter. HiHo Kids. March 7, 2018
The Graphic Ear with Lynne Hobaica. WAYO 104.3 FM Radio. April 7, 2016
A Possible Result of Wanderlust. Rochester City Newspaper. March 23, 2016
Woman to Watch: Lynne Hobaica. Democrat and Chronicle. October 19, 2015
Duo Ceramics Exhibit Intentionally Curious. Artkestry. August 8, 2011

Professional Experience
2019 Gallery Finance Coordinator, Penland School of Craft, Penland, NC
2019 Artist in Residence, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, ME
2019 Instructor, Odyssey Clayworks, Asheville, NC
2017 - 2019, Artist in Residence and Instructor, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
2017-2018, Resident Representative on Board of Trustees, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA
2018 Artist in Residence, L’antica Deruta, Deruta, Italy
2017 - 2019, Instructor, Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA
2017- 2019, Instructor, Moshier Arts Center, Burien, WA
2015 - 2016 Studio Manager, Flower City Arts Center, Rochester, NY
2010-2011, Artist in Residence, Flower City Arts Center, Rochester, NY
2010, Discovery Intern, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ

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