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Artist: Mallory Wetherell

Mallory Wetherell, NEBRASKA 

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Mallory Wetherell is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where she teaches ceramics and drawing.  She received her BFA from the University of South Carolina and her MFA from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

After graduate school, Mallory lived and worked in Philadelphia, teaching at Tyler School of Art and serving as Gallery Coordinator of The Clay Studio.  She has twice been a summer artist in residence at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana and was named an Emerging Artist in the field by Ceramics Monthly magazine in 2015.   In the fall of 2022, Mallory will be a Price Artist in Residence in Taos, New Mexico, while on sabbatical.

Mallory is married to a fellow artist and is mom to a seven-year-old daughter, a four-year-old son, and two furry babies.



Mallory creates one of a kind works on porcelain.  Each piece is hand-painted using washes of underglaze and fine brush strokes and then fired to cone six.  The imagery is graphic in nature often with feminist undertones.  



Throughout history, women have served as artistic muses, their bodies put on display for purposes of both glorification and sexualization.  From the Venus of Willendorf, to The Birth of Venus, to the covers of the numerous magazines lining the check-out counters today, the female body has been a common object on display.  Inadvertently, all of society has been taught to openly look at it, to freely analyze it.  And as a result, the idea that we – as women – can look at ourselves, clearly and uninhibited, is unrealistic.  There is undoubtedly subconscious imprinting from both history and the surrounding world that filters into our notion of self. 

My work reflects the female self, exploring the complexities of being a woman in today’s society.  To convey the conflicting emotions of empowerment and self-deprecation, I utilize imagery that represents the fluidity of being female.   My pieces are small narratives of a much larger and timeless story – snapshots that expose internalized thoughts regarding what it means to be a woman, while attempting to fight the limitation of a dated and superficial society.


2007-2010 M.F.A.– Ceramics, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
2002-2006 B.F.A. – Ceramics, University of South Carolina, Magna Cum Laude


Professional Experience:
2019 – now Tenured Associate Professor of Art & Design, Head of Ceramics, UNK
2014-2019 Assistant Professor of Art & Design, Head of Ceramics, UNK 
2013-2014  Adjunct Professor, Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, IN 
Adjunct Professor, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville, KY
2011, 2013 Adjunct Professor of Ceramics, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
2010-2013 Gallery Coordinator, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA


2022 Invasive Plant Species, with Rebecca Hutchinson
2021 Sequence Ad Infinitum, with Victoria Goro-Rapaport & Matt Ziemke, 1% for the Arts, STEM Building, UNK 
2019 Grab ‘Em by the Pussy, with Richard Notkin, Trumpolini Series
2014-2017 Belle & Brute, Functional Dinnerware with Matt Ziemke


2022 Price Artist in Residency, Taos, NM, Fall
2022 Sabbatical, UNK, Fall
2022 Yunomi 2022 Invitational, ClayAKAR, Iowa City, IA, Summer
2022 Solo Show, Summer, Arch Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Tiverton, RI
2022 Annual Bray Benefit Cup Auction, Helena, MT, Summer


Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions:
2017 Nebraska Now:  Mallory Wetherell, Solo Show, Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE
(Curated by Teliza V. Rodriguez, Curator)
2017 Mallory Wetherell: Communion, Solo Show, Mills Gallery, Central College, Pella, Iowa
(Invited by Gallery Director Treva Reimer)
2016 Lived in: Recent works by Emily Sheehan and Mallory Wetherell, Gallery Room 912, Indiana University East, Richmond, IN (Invited by Emily Sheehan)
2015 Side by Side: Mallory Wetherell & Matt Ziemke, Arch Contemporary, Tiverton, RI
(Invited by Charlie Barmonde, Gallery Owner, in conjunction with NCECA).
2014 Mallory Wetherell & Heesoo Lee, Schacht Gallery, Saratoga, NY
(Curated by Denise Hughes, Gallery Associate)


Selected Peer Reviewed Exhibitions:
* Indicates an International Exhibition
2022 Figuratively Speaking II, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN
(Curated by artist/gallery curator Eric Botbyl)
2021 ABF Holiday Sale, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
2021 Ornaments in the Studio, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA
(Invited by Creative Director Jennifer Zwilling)
2021 Bray Benefit Cup Auction, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
2021 Text Messages, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN
(Curated by artist Naomi Clement)
2021 Arrowmont Instructors, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN
(Featuring the work of Instructors Teaching Summer Workshops)
2020 100 Years, 100 Women, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA
(1 of 50 artists Invited by Director Jennifer Zwilling)
2020 Bray Benefit, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT – moved online due to COVID
2019 Featured Artist for December: Mallory Wetherell, online exhibition, www.artaxis.org
(Invited by IUS Professor & ArtAxis President, Brian Harper)
2019 Ornaments in the Studio, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA
(Invited by Director Jennifer Zwilling)
2019 Gifted Holiday Show, Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE
(Invited by Shop Director, Katelyn Farneth)
2019 We Stumble On (solo exhibition featuring Richard Notkin, although we collaborated on two pieces called Grab ‘em by the Pussy which were featured , Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2019 Drawing on Clay, Center for Art & Learning, Duluth GA
(Invited by Manager Tyler Nicholson)
2019 Figuratively Speaking, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN
(Curated by artist/gallery curator Eric Botbyl)
2018 Adornment, Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE
(Invited by Curator Teliza V. Rodriguez)
2018 Give & Take, Public Space One Gallery, Iowa City, IA 
(Invited by artist Heidi Casto)
2018 Spirit:  A Celebration of Art in the Heartland, Museum of NE Art
(Invited by Gina Garden, Marketing Coordinator)
2018 Subversive Flower, NCECA, Concurrent Exhibition, Pittsburg, PA
(Invited by Cj Jilek, artist and curator)
2017 Ornament, (online jewelry exhibition) Objective Clay Artist Collective
(Invited by Emily Schroeder Willis & Jen Allen, artists/collective members)
2017 Taking Shape, Studio Oh! Chicago, IL
(Curated by gallery owner Erwin Overes)
2017 Ceramics Invitational, Greenville Center for Creative Arts, SC
(Invited by artist Elaine Quave)
2016 Biomorphic, American Museum of Ceramics Arts, Pomona, CA
(Juried by CJ Jilek, Assistant Studio Director)
2016 *America's Clayfest IV, Blue Line Arts Center, Roseville, CA 
(Juried by Sergei Isupov (artist) & Leslie Ferrin, director of Ferrin Gallery in Boston)
2016 Arte Corporis: Exploring the Anatomical Body, McMaster Gallery, University of South Carolina (Curated by Dr. Andrew Graciano  (Art History) & Shannon Lindsey, Gallery Director)
2016 Man and Made, NCECA Concurrent Exhibition, Kansas City, MO (Peer Reviewed Proposal)
2016 Support Structures, Marxhausen Gallery of Art, Nebraska, (Invited by artist Shayla Marsh)
2016 Small Favors, Invitational, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA
(Invited by Artistic Director Jennifer Zwilling)
2015 The Uncommon Object, with Richard Notkin, Star Store Gallery, New Bedford, MA
(Juried by  Jim Lawton, Rebecca Hutchinson, UMassD Ceramic Professors)
2015 Drawn, Drawing, Bridgewater State University Library, Bridgewater, MA
(Curated by artist Seth Rainville & Collections & Exhibition Manager Jay Block)
2015 All About Porcelain, The Clay Studio of Missoula, MT  
(Juried by Beth Lo, Artist & Professor)
2014 *Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics, Zanesville, OH
(Juried by artists/professors Sherman Hall, Brad Schweiger, Angelica Pozo)


Scholarships & Awards:
2022 PAiR, Price Artist in Residence Award, Taos, NM
2022 Research Sabbatical, UNK fall
2019 Promotion & Tenure, University of Nebraska at Kearney
2019 Windgate Scholar, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
2019 Research Service Council Seed Grant, UNK Faculty Award
Artist in Residence for Creative Research
2017 Faculty Senate Artists & Lecturers Committee Grant, UNK
2016 Research Service Council Collaborative Grant, UNK
Aquaponics: Growing Local Foods
2015 Emerging Artist, Juried Award, Ceramics Monthly Magazine
2015 New Frontiers, Faculty SpotLight, UNK
2015 Faculty Senate Artists & Lecturers Committee Grant, UNK
2014 Research Service Council Seed Grant, UNK Faculty Award


Residencies, Lectures, & Workshops:
2021 Graphic Imagery on Clay: Mallory Wetherell, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts
2020 100 Years, 100 Women, Lunch & Learn, Exhibition Panelist, The Clay Studio, PA
2019 Artist in Residence, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT (Windgate Scholar)
2017 Artist Lecture & Gallery Talk, Central College, Pella, Iowa
2017 Gallery Talk, Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE
2017 Monoprinting on Clay: Ceramics Workshop at the Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE
2017 Artist Lecture & Demonstration, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
2017 Pentaculum, Artist Residency, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, TN 
2016 Artist Lecture & Demonstration, Indiana University East, Richmond, IN


Selected Publications:
2017 “Reflection of Self,” The Kearney Hub, June 29, 2017, (Rick Brown)
2016 “Wetherell, Ziemke Make Art of Collaborations,” The Kearney Hub, Aug.18, (Andrew Hanson)
2015 “New Artistic Direction,” The Kearney Hub, Aug.18, (Josh Moody)
2015 “Emerging Artists,” Ceramics Monthly, p.69, May 2015
2014 “Bloom,” Review by Anthony Merino, Ceramics: Art & Perception (#96), July 2014
2014 “Fascinating Textures and Surfaces into Sculptures by Mallory Wetherell,” PatternPrintsJournal, by Birbaluna, Jan. 10, 2014


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