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Artist: Margaret Curtis

Artist: Margaret Curtis
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My interest lies with the beauty of imperfection, a beauty that can be born from ageing, from natural decay, from surfaces that have become patinated with wear, weathered or uniquely deformed. I like objects that possess a modest but profoundly confident presence, objects that require a calmness and degree of thoughtfulness from their observer so that the nuances and subtleties of their existence can truly be absorbed and appreciated. When my work elicits such responses from that observer .

Solo Exhibitions
'The Beauty 0f Imperfection' Galerie Metzger, near Aschaffenburg Germany

'Eddie Curtis, Margaret Curtis: New Textures, New Forms',
Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London, UK

'Curtis Red', Galerie Metzger, Johannesberg,near Aschaffenburg, Germany
'Curtis Red', Rufford Park, Notttinghamshire, UK

Beaux Arts, Bath,UK
Lund Gallery, Easingwold, UK
Inspires, Oxford, UK
Brooke Street Gallery, Hay on Wye, UK

Broughton Gallery, Biggar, UK

Lund Gallery, Easingwold, North Yorkshire, UK
Galerie Mebius, Noordhorn, The Netherlands

Beaux Arts, Bath, UK

Group Exhibitions
'Sake ware' Gallery St. Ives Tokyo Japan

'Insight into Beauty', Embassy of Japan. London, UK
'Ceramics Now', Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London, UK

'Chawan Exhibition', Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan

'Totally Teabowls', Oakwood Gallery, Thoresby, UK

'International Chawan Exhibition', Het laatste Huis, Belgium
'International Ceramics Exhibition', Seeschloss Gmunden, Austria

'UK Ceramics', Gallery Enju, Tottori City, Japan

Isouan Gallery, Okazaki City, Aichi, Japan
Kawarabanya Gallery, Seto, Japan

Awards & Prizes

Arts Council England (Cultural Business Venture Award)

Keramiekprijs Noord Nederland, Dwingeloo, Holland (Ist Prize)
Cultural Foundation of Okada, Banko Potters, Yokkaichi, Japan (Honorary Award)
Arts Council England (International Travel Award)

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