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Artist: Masa Sasaki

Masa Sasaki
Masa Sasaki, GEORGIA
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Masayuki Sasaki, is a classically trained artist, with multi-facetted interests. He is an accomplished pianist, award-winning painter and uniquely stylistic potter. Since moving from his native Japan in the late 1980s, he has impressed teachers, patrons, and his fellow artists with his unique sense of precision and artistic vision. “We live in the world where we are surrounded by machine made  and mass-produced goods today. I feel, as a contemporary craftsman, the need to validate the value of handmade items by making things that could not be easily duplicated and unique to my own artistic perspective. For me it is not enough that a final piece be essentially functional and pleasant, it must also be
lasting in its desirability for use. Long after I have ceased to be productive the pieces that I accomplish today should still be enjoyed, appreciated, and used. This is the elusive quality that brings value to functional art, the lasting character that transcends the artist and outlives him. Whether in my paintings, musical
composition, sculpture or pottery I desire most of all that the usefulness and esthetic appeal be both easily perceived, and lasting.

1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY


“The Summer Swan Invitational: Southern Pottery & Homemade Objects”, invitational, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA

“Georgia Artist: A Juried Exhibition”, juried, Abernathy Arts Center, Atlanta, GA

“The Hudgens 3rd National Juried & Invitational Cup Exhibition", invitational, Hudgens Center for the Arts, Duluth, GA, juried by Roberto Lugo

NCECA, Collaborative Companion;, Companion Gallery Collaborations, Union Project, Mineapolis, MN. (NCECA2019)

20th Annual ART PAPERS Art Auction", Invitational,  Atlanta, GA

Art of Clay National Juried Show”, juried, North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC juried by Douglas Fitch

“Sip: A Ceramic Cup Show”, juried, Savannah Clay Community, Savannah, GA juried by Liz Zlot Summerfield

“Craft Forms 2018’, juried, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA, juried by Perry Allen Price

“The Cup, the mug 2018”, juried, Main Street Arts Gallery, Clifton Springs, NY juried by Melissa Weiss and Jenny Mendes

“26th Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National 2018”, juried, Lancaster, PA, juried by Ben Carter received “Best Use of Color” award by AMACO

"2018 Shapes of Influence Biennial Ceramics Exhibition", competition, Springfield Art Association, Springfield, IL, juried by Simon Levin

“12th Yunomi Invitational”, invitational, Clay Akar, Iowa City, IA

“Coffee and Clay”, invitational, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

“Featured Artist” , Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainsville, FL

“4th Annual Dirty South Cup Call & Competition”, juried, Alexandria, LA juried by Sam Chung

“Ware/Wear: Cup and Earring Exhibition”, juried Pocasin Arts Gallery, Columbia, SC juried by Doug Peltzman

“Collaborative Companion”, invitational, Companion Gallery Collaborations, Union Project, Pittsburgh, PA (NCECA 2018)

“Last Call III”, juried, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN

“Small Favors”, juried, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

“Sip: A Ceramic Cup Show”, juried, Savannnah, GA juried by Ben Carter

“Abernathy Annual Clay Review”, invitational, Abernathy Arts Center, Sandy Springs, GA

“Clay As Canvas”, juried, Clay Center of New Orleans, LA juried by Chandra Debuse

“Art Paper Art Auction”, invitational, Atlanta, GA

“The Cup, The Mug 2017”, juried, received “Best in Show” cash prize, Main Street Gallery, Clifton Springs, NY juried by Peter Pincus

“Little Things Mean A Lot”, invitational, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA

“Cups: The Intimate Object XIII”, invitational, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

“Lights Out”, solo exhibition, Signature Contemporary Craft, Atlanta, GA

“First Annual Dogeye Gallery Mug Show”, juried, Eye of the Dog Art Center, San Marcos, TX

“The Hudgens 2nd National Juried & Invitational Cup Exhibition”, Duluth, GA

“12th Annual Fired Works Regional Ceramics Exhibition and Sale”, Macon, GA

“TEA: The Ritual and The Art”, juried, Plough Gallery, Tifton, GA

“Last Call II”, juried, juror’s choice award, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN

“Small Favors: Think Inside the Box”, juried, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

“18th Annual Art Papers Art Auction”, invitational, Atlanta, GA

“Designed and Crafted 16”, invitational, Signature Contemporary Craft + Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA

“Iron in the Fire”, juried, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN

“Beyond Cups and Bowls, a Juried Find Art Clay Competition”, juried, received “1 st place”, Newnan, GA

“Contemporary Southern Potter and Handmade Objects”, invitational, Swan Co
Constitution, section E Living & Arts page E-14, color photo and feature article, March 15

“11th Annual Fired Works Regional Ceramics Exhibition and Sale, invitational, Macon, GA

“17th Annual Art Paper Art Auction”, invitational, Atlanta, GA

“Small Favors XI”, juried, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

2016 “This Little Light” by Linda Jerkins, Southernfinds (online magazine”, photo and feature article, March

2015 “Everyday Indulgences see the light in Atlanta”, by Linda Jerkins, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Section E Living & Arts page E-14, color photo and feature article, March

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