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Artist: Miranda Thomas


Miranda Thomas, VERMONT

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Miranda Thomas is a renowned potter based in Vermont, born in New York but raised in Italy, Australia, and England. Introduced to pottery at the age of 16, she has since apprenticed and worked with some of the world’s most notable potters, including Michael Cardew CBE, with whom she received her most significant training, as well as Alan Caiger-Smith OBE. Her pottery is collected in hundreds of homes, including those of celebrities and dignitaries. She has designed diplomatic gifts for President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, UN Secretary Generals Ban Ki Moon and Kofi Annan, and the Clinton and Obama administrations, including former President Bill Clinton's gift to Pope John Paul II, as well as pieces for The United Nations Associations.

Her pottery is collected in thousands of homes, and she has had the honor of designing and making many diplomatic gifts for both the Clinton and Obama administrations and for The United Nations Associations. These include gifts and awards from former President Barack Obama, and UN Secretary Generals Ban Ki Moon, Kofi Annan, as well as former President Bill Clinton’s gift to Pope John Paul II.

Thomas’s designs draw from the English countryside, as well as using symbolism and patterns from ancient Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Aboriginal designs, among other international influences. Thomas is a direct descendant of famed architect Arthur J. Davis, the interior designer for London’s Ritz Hotel, Royal Automobile Club, as well as the White Star ocean liners such as The Queen Mary, and Aquatania.

Thomas received a B.A. in Ceramics from the West Surrey College of Art & Design in Farnham, England. After then training with Michael Cardew CBE and Alan Caiger-Smith OBE, she designed and started the pottery for Simon Pearce. Miranda Thomas is married to furniture maker Charles Shackleton, with whom she owns ShackletonThomas. They share a passion for creating high-quality, beautiful objects with simple, everyday uses, and for using handmade techniques to instill their pieces with character, soul, and life.



Miranda Thomas, VERMONT

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I am not a minimalist. I see and sense the world around me teeming with life and I want to express the awe I feel for it. I keep my pots useful, classic in shape, and marry the decoration to fit the form.  By knowing one’s materials intimately, creating, coaxing bringing a pot into this world, one is on a constant quest for truth and beauty. I believe pots should be not only be balanced and beautiful, they must be strong, endure, be useful, timeless, give service, and ultimately be treasured. 

Since being a small child I have lived in many different lands, and feel like an international global citizen. I have a blend of cultures in my matrix. As with my pots, I like to gather different cultural techniques:  their colors, shapes, symbols and the associations, to create a style, a hybrid of sorts. These associations can send messages of understanding, which can be universal. Like ambassadors, I want my pots to go out into the world, be full of life, be vibrant and carry a message of purpose and awe. 



1981 Bachelors Degree in Ceramics, with honors from West Surrey College of Art & Design, UK

Licensorship of Designer Craftsman Award, West Surrey College of Art & Design; Craftwork Award, West Surrey College of Art & Design 


1979-80 Michael Cardew CBE, Wenford Bridge Pottery, Cornwall, England 

Traditional throwing techniques; English and African-inspired work, including slipware techniques


Professional Positions

2007 to present Co-Owner and Creative Director, ShackletonThomas, Bridgewater, VT, US

Incorporated handmade furniture, pottery, and lifestyle brand.

Retail locations in Stowe, VT and Hanover, NH; 

showroom in Bridgewater Mill, VT.


1999-2007 Co-Owner, Charles Shackleton Furniture | Miranda Thomas Pottery, Bridgewater, VT, US

Extensive range of pottery for commissioning clients and retail buyers; workshop retail store in Bridgewater, VT.


1990-1999 Miranda Thomas Pottery, Quechee, VT


1984-1990 Simon Pearce, Quechee, Vermont, USA, 1984-1990

Established Miranda Thomas Pottery with pottery line to accompany Simon Pearce’s renowned glass designs. Designed sold across US, including Shreve Crump and Lowe MA, Gumps CA, Simon Pearce Retail. Featured in Gourmet Magazine, Bon Appetit.


1981-83 Skilled potter for Alan Caiger-Smith OBE, Aldermaston Pottery, UK

Functional domestic ware and tiles, using tin glaze, brushwork and lustre techniques

Exhibitions and Awards

2010 Best of New England (ShackletonThomas), Yankee Magazine

2008 Pastoral Magazine Exhibition, Montpelier, VT

2008 Joanna Bird Gallery, London, UK

2003 Harvard Ceramic Program, Cambridge, MA

Solo Exhibition, The Mercury Gallery, Newbury Street, Boston Architectural Digest Home Design Show

2002 The Mercury Gallery, Newbury Street, Boston, MA

Vermont Clay Works, Stowe

Vermont Public Radio Traveling Exhibition

Mercury Gallery, Rockport, Massachusetts

2001 New England Museum for Women, Bellows Falls, VT

2000 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York, NY

Vermont State Craft Center, “Time Honored”

1999 Chicago ICFF, New York City

1997 Solo Exhibition, Grayson Gallery, Woodstock, VT

Sawbridge Studios, Chicago, IL

Ava Gallery, Hanover, NH

1996 Solo Exhibition, Camelford Museum, Cornwall, UK

Ava Gallery, Hanover, NH

1995 Fiber and Art Gallery, Taos, NM

Chaparral Gallery, Bozeman, MT 

Vermont State Craft Center, Middlebury, VT

1992 Sawbridge Studios, Chicago, IL

1986 American Hand Gallery, Boston, MA

1980 Camelford Museum, Cornwall, UK


Public and Private Commissions

2010 Gift to Royal Automobile Club London Centenary; 

United Nations NYC Association Gala centerpieces presented to Johnson & Johnson Vice Chair Sheri S. McCoy, Winston Global Energy Chairman Winston Chung, and Christy Turlington Burns; United Nations Boston Awards for Greater Boston Area

2009 White House, Middle Eastern Tour Gifts for Heads of State Administration presented by Vice President Joe Biden for Yad Hashem Holocaust Center

2009 Loomba Foundation Gala Dinner NYC Centerpieces and Awards presented to Cheri Blair, Yoko Ono, Dame Shirley Black, Dame Joanna Lumley;

2008 Loomba Foundation ; Centerpieces Awards Gifts Gala Dinner NYC presented to Cheri Blair ( UK) Raj Loomba,

2008 United Nations NYC – Gift Vase for Architect Lord Norman Foster 2009 winner of  Sustainability award

Awards ,Gifts and Centerpieces For Sustainabilty  Awards   Gala Presented to Lay Industries, Chairman Amir Dossal Holland).

United Nations Boston Awards for Greater Boston Area UNA Consuls Ball, presented to Senator John Kerry

1998 White House ( President Clinton) – Middle Eastern Tour Presidential gifts to Heads of State , incl. Benjamin Netanyatu (Prime Minister, Israel), Ezer Weizman (President, Israel)

1998 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – Exclusive design for museum store & catalog

1999 White House ( President Clinton) Personal gift to  Pope John Paul 11

2001  President Clinton Library Collection, Arkansas.

2006United Nations NYC – Peace Bowl for Secretary General Kofi Annan

2006 United Nations NYC – Peace Bowl project for Educational Programs

2006 Wellspring Foundation ,Boston– Centerpieces and Awards

2006 Ritz Hotel London – Ritz Centenary Bowl (100 Centenary Anniversary)

2007 United Nations NYC – Gift for Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Awards and Centerpieces for Water for Life Gala 

(Presented to Rotary International, Cirque du Soleil),

2007 Opera North – Gift for  China Ambassador Liu (Peoples Republic of China) Lebanon ,N.H

 2007 United Nations NYC - Gift for Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Awards and Gifts for Environmental Awards 

Protecting Environment Gala 2008 (Ambassador of Iceland Toray Industries Japan,)

2007 Wellspring Foundation ,Boston– Centerpieces and Awards presented to Tom O’Niel


2000Vermont Public Radio – Millennium  Celebration Mug  (1000 made)

2006 Special Auction for Doctors without Borders

2008 Norris Cotton Cancer Society in New Hampshire – Pinnacle Prize for “The Prouty” Bike Ride and Challenge Walk

2008 Natural Historical Museum NY Auctioned Gift

2008 Dartmouth College President Commissioned Gift to Dartmouth College  – September 11 Memorial Brass Plaque and Memorial Garden Design

2008 Professors Zantoff’s Memorial Garden Design

2008 Auction Prize for Partners In Health Haiti


Public Collections

The Vatican, Rome, Italy

Arkansas Library of President Bill Clinton

Vad Hashem Museum (Israel)

Office of US Senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont), Washington, D.C.

New England Museum for Women, Bellows Falls, VT

Boston Historical Society, Boston, MA

Billings Farm & Museum at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park, Woodstock, VT

Duxbury Museum, Duxbury, MA

American Crafts Museum, New York City


Selected Private Collections

USA President Bill Clinton

USA President Barack Obama

USA Vice President Joe Biden

Pope John Paul II

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

President Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

Ezer Weizman (Israel)

President Ehud Barak (Israel)

Bertie Ahern (Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland)

Senator Hilary Clinton

Senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont)

Senator Peter Burling (New Hampshire)

Senator John Kerry

Congressman Peter Welsh (Vermont)

Howard Dean (Former Governor of Vermont)

Ambassador Liu (Peoples Republic of China)

Ambassador Reed

Secretary State George Shultz

Baroness Shirley Williams (UK)

Ambassador Liu (China)

Lady Cheri Blair QC ( UK)

Lord Raj Loomba (UK)

Lord Norman Foster (UK)

Governor Howard Dean 

 Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Maria Shriver

M. Night Shyamalan

Caroline Kennedy

Robert Redford

Brook Haywood 

Peter Duchin

Leonard Stern

Bill Bixby

Bob Keeshan

Norman Lear

Caroline Alexander

Charlotte Ford

Glenn Close

Yoko Ono

Ritz Hotel London

Royal Automobile Club London


Harvard Office of the Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge MA 

Six-week Master Class 2003,2004

History of Pattern( Scroll) and Techniques 2006,2007,

“Gifts and Commissions” 2009

History of Slip decoration and Techniques Techniques 2010


Press Features

“The New New England Heirlooms.”  Yankee Magazine 2011

“Success Made From Scratch.”  Los Angeles Times 2010

“Spotlight:  Miranda J. Thomas.”  The Harvard Crimson 2010

Black Carved Square Platter Featured in Boston Globe 2009

“In The Country:  Fall in Vermont.” – Town & Country 2009

Black Carved Teapot Feature in Country Home 2008

“In Woodstock, VT The Best of Both Worlds” – Bloston Globe 2008

“Twixt Cup and Table” – Edible Green Mountains 2008

Oval Platter Featured in New York Times 2005

“Design America: New England” – Elements of Living 2005

Cream Carved Vase Featured in Home Magazine 2004

“New England Style” – Yankee Magazine 2004

“Weekender: Woodstock Arts & Crafts” – Travel & Leisure 2002

“Joining Arts” – Victoria Magazine 2002



Brushwork in Blue and White , Majolica, Stoneware and Porcelain  1986-1990

Slip Carving Techniques of Tsu Chou Wares  1990-2000

The Decorative “Scroll” in Ancient and Modern Pottery and Decorative Arts 1997-2010

African Traditional Pottery and Techniques;

 Trip to Kalabougou Pottery Village, Mali, West Africa 2011

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