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Artist: Nick DeVries

Artist: Nick Devries
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Most of my work originates on the potters wheel, making forms based in a tradition of function and use. I enjoy finding balance in my work through large areas of subtle texture balanced with small additions, stamps, and details. I also enjoy the challenge of creating tight, direct, unbroken lines balanced by a bit of looseness and spontaneous gestural marks. I often work in a reductive fashion. Many of my forms are made by throwing heavy, thick walled pots. I look at pots at this stage as sort of an open sculptural canvas. I often alter the pots before letting them set up, and then rasp and carve away excess clay to reveal the final form. My pots reveal themselves to me through this process and as this happens I can respond to certain curves or surfaces that appear. I bring all of these elements together with layered satin glazes that unify and accent these textures, lines, and marks. As I glaze my work I often repeat this process of reduction; I will add and remove glazes adding layers and complexity to the pots before they are finally finished in an electric kiln.

Nature is a common influence in the lives of artists, and the same is true for me. I am interested in the ways in which we interact with nature, sometimes symbiotically and other times in contradictory ways. In this connection to nature I find a synergy between the natural ecosystem and the creative ecosystem, where the multitudes of nature and the thousands of years of clay overlap. This is a place where I am free to explore, and this exploration inevitably feeds back into both my work and life.


1997-2001 Saint Johns University, Collegeville, MN, B.A. with major in Studio Art, concentrations in Painting and Ceramics

Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN, Firing Methods - Soda and reduction firing class


DeVries Pottery, Minneapolis, MN. Studio Potter. Established and maintain a personal studio and continue to make and exhibit new work.


Grey Fox Pottery, Arden Hills, MN. Senior Potter/Quality Control Manager. Thrown a portion of wheel-made mugs totally 80-120 pieces/day. Maintain daily, weekly and monthly schedule of work based on running orders. Design new styles of steins, tankards, chalices and coffee mugs as necessary. Inspect quality of work at all points of production and troubleshoot errors and flows.


Edina Art Center, Edina, MN. Ceramics Instructor. Thursday night clay studio instructor.


Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN. Ceramics Instructor. Wheel Instructor.


Loso Pottery, St. Joseph, MN. Studio Assistant/Apprentice. Assisted studio potter Jim Loso in daily operations of his pottery studio. Fired studio kilns: electric, gas reduction and raku. Assisted with art shows across the Midwest.


Cherry Creek Art Festival, Denver, CO Exhibitor

Brookside Art Annual, Kansas City, MO, Best of Ceramics


The Perfect Plate, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL

Mug Show: National Juried Cup Exhibition 2012. LUX Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE

Made for Each Other: A show of functional ceramics in pairs and sets. Studio 550 Art Center, Manchester, NH

Daily Companions: Cups, Mugs, Tea Bowls. Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, MD

The 5th International Texas Teapot Tournament. 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX


Fourth Annual Cup Show: Form and Function. Gulf Coast State College, Panama City, FL

It's Only Clay. Bemidji Community Art Center, Bemidji, MN

Starbrick Clay National Cup Show. Starbrick Gallery, Nelsonville, OH

Compelled by Clay: Solo Show. Ripple River Gallery, Aiken, MN

Teapot Invitational. The Grand Hand Gallery, Aiken, MN

crEATe: Art Inspired by Food. Seasons on the St. Croix, Hudson, WI


Containers 2010. The Meyers Gallery at Muddy's Studio, Santa Ana, CA


7th Annual National Juried Cup Show. Kent State University, School of Art, Kent, OH

Bemidji Community Art Center. Bemidji, MN. Margaret Harlow Ceramic Collection Purchase Award

Artists of the Northern Clay Center. Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN

Faculty Show. Edina Art Center, Edina, MN


500 Teapots Volume 2: Lark Crafts

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