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Artist: Nick Moen

The Bright Angle
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The Bright Angle Mission Statement

The Bright Angle is a handmade design brand focusing on contemporary design in Asheville, North Carolina founded by Nick Moen in 2016. At The Bright Angle we emphasize practical utility and technology to offer handmade lifestyle goods through carefully curated designer-maker collaborations.  

Good design is a marriage of concept, process, material and utility.  We combine age-old craft techniques while implementing modern technology tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters to produce the highest quality products.  A series of craftspeople collaborate throughout the whole process using these tools and their hands. The Bright Angle is a modern design company focused on showcasing the process and story behind the makers and products.

The Bright Angle is working to bridge the gap between design and craft by focusing on products that are American Made.  We begin our creative process by sketching or sculpting prototypes. In order to ensure that we are able to see the smartest design come to fruition, we transfer the sketch to a computer aided modeling system.  We use 3D prototyping and mold/jig systems to create efficient production systems that are executed by a highly skilled team of makers. We make everything from scratch by formulating our own porcelain and glazes to be durable and unique.

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