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Artist: Paul Tholl

Paul Tholl
Paul Tholl, COLORADO
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The work that I make intends to narrate history through form and surface. The forms that I
am drawn to are heavily influenced by industrial, farm or automotive parts and equipment
from generations past. These forms are simple and characteristic of a time when most
objects were handmade in some sense of the word. These simple forms then become a
blank canvas for surface. A surface can tell you a lot about where an object has been, the
use it has been subjected to, and in some cases, who was using it. I try to invent surfaces
that tell the story of the object’s life and history. Even though I am creating things that have
never been used before, I tend to think of them as coming to me secondhand--with a
lifetime of history attached. The finished work tells stories of people whose day-to-day life was a bit messy and I like to imagine my pots being held by hands with thick calluses, grime under the fingernails and knuckles enlarged and scarred from too many years of working too hard.

2006-2011 University of Wyoming
BA Ceramics, Painting
BA K12 Art Education

2016 - Irons in the Fire, Juried by Justin Rothshank, Companion Gallery, Humboldt TN
2017 - Last Call II, Juried by Jen Allen, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN
2018 - Last Call III, Juried by Brett Kern, Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN

2018 - Steinfest, Claymakers Arts Community, Durham, NC
2019 - Steinfest, Claymakers Arts Community, Durham, NC
2020 - Yunomi Invitational, Clay AKAR, Iowa City, IA

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