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Artist: Priscilla Dahl

Priscilla Dahl
Priscilla Dahl, PENNSYLVANIA
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Priscilla Dahl is a potter and sculptor living in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Her clay is a low-fire, red earthenware. The functional pottery she makes is decorated using paper stencils and layers of underglaze or colored slip. Her subjects are usually birds, foxes, and cottontail rabbits. The sculptural work is connected to the story found on the pottery, only in three-dimensional form.

The mythology of my work is the telling and retelling of my ongoing love of the creative process. My stories star Time; the fox, Wonder; the rabbit and the Intangibles who are birds. Currently included Intangibles are Inspiration, Intuition, and Serendipity. The work is playful and exploratory, in both the themes and the technical processes that are part of the making.

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