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Artist: Priscilla Dahl

Priscilla Dahl
Priscilla Dahl, PENNSYLVANIA
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Priscilla Dahl traveled a winding path to the completion of her undergraduate degree in Ceramics and Sculpture from the New York State College of Ceramics  at Alfred University. Beginning at the University of Montana, moving to the  University of North Texas and finishing at NYSCC in 1997.

She has been a maker and artist, a reader and explorer from her early childhood.  Ceramics has always been the medium for her truest expression of  self. Color and light are the strongest guides and inspiration for the ceramic art  she makes on the potter’s wheel and builds by hand. The wheel thrown and hand built functional pottery are made from red, earthenware clay are decorated using  a layering technique combining slips, underglazes and paper stencils. Layering  color with wide brush strokes allows her to create movement and texture as she  builds up the narrative stories. She is influenced by folktales, fairy tales and world mythology.

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