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Artist: Stepanka Horalkova

Artist: Stepanka Horalkova
Stepanka Horalkova, NEW YORK
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Stepanka is an NYC-based ceramic artist whose relationships with nature and with those around her inspires all of her pieces.

Always trusting her intuition, Stepanka knew from an early age that she had to follow any dream she had. This motivated her to move from her small town in the Czech Republic to Prague as a teenager, and then to New York City five years later. Her new life in America prompted her to pursue something she has always loved - ceramics. She enrolled in classes at a local Y, and soon began creating pieces for neighborhood art fairs. By trusting her intuition for her art and for her life, she was moved to make her passion her livelihood.

Energized and inspired by the world and people around her, Stepanka’s work echoes her determination, generosity, and curiosity. Her ceramic pieces reflect the calm and tranquility she observes, and the dynamism and transformation she has experienced. With clean forms, classic colors and playful designs, Stepanka’s work embraces the milieu between functional and sculptural.

Having access to one of a only a few gas kilns in NYC, Stepanka relishes in the unpredictability and excitement that firing her porcelain pieces in this kiln can bring. Her earnest dedication and patience to her ceramic art is seen in all of her pieces. She creates to bring joy to those around her; she creates to give back to the world.

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