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Artist: Takuro Shibata

Takuro Shibata
Takuro Shibata, NORTH CAROLINA
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Studio Touya is a handmade pottery studio located in Seagrove NC where Hitomi and Takuro Shibata set up studio and built Japanese style wood kiln. Our focus is to make simple& functional pottery by using local wild clay and wood firing technique. We named our pottery as "Touya" when we started our small pottery studio in Shigaraki, Japan, and it literary means "pottery house" in Japanese which we really like.

Takuro’s academic background (B. Eng) in applied chemistry and knowledge of ceramic materials in Japan and the US landed him a director position at STARworks Ceramics, Star, NC (2005-Present),

At STARworks Ceramics, he researches local NC wild clay and materials. Takuro is a ceramic artist as well.

Artist Statement

I am finding inspiration in nature especially lines and shapes. And I would like to use them to construct my work. And during the process making my work, I would like to keep the motion of my hand and brushwork on my piece as part of man-made components. I prefer to use local clay, which is close to nature than commercially processed clay. And I am choosing wood firing for my primary firing method, because it creates natural surface from atmosphere and fly ashes that sometimes human cannot create or control

I hope the piece that I create will blend it into the nature and also people’s daily life with harmony.

Professional Background

2009 Built Anagama plus chamber wood kiln next to the studio in Seagrove, NC

2008 Set up pottery studio in Seagrove, NC

2005 - Present Director of STARWorks Ceramics Materials & Research, Star, NC

2004 - 2005 Ceramic Studio Technical Instructor, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

2003 Residency Artist, Cub Creek Foundation for the Ceramics Arts, Appomattox, VA

2002 Residency Artist, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA

2002 Residency Artist, Peters Valley Craft Education Center, Layton, NJ

2002 Studio Potter, New Bedford, MA

2001 Work Exchange Artist, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA

2000 - 2001 Research and production Assistant, Yuto Glaze Company, Shigaraki, Japan

1999 - 2001 Studio Potter, Shigaraki, Japan

1996 - 2000 Production Potter, Tanikan-Gama Pottery Company, Shigaraki, Japan

Academic Degree

1992 - 1996 Doshisha University, Bachelor of Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Kyoto, Japan

Workshop and Lecture

2017 NC State University Craft Center/ Slide Presentation and Demonstration

2017 Art Alliance in Greensboro, NC / Workshop and slide presentation

2017 District Clay Center, Washington DC/ Slide presentation

2017 Peter’s Valley School of Crafts, Layton, NJ / Wood Fire Workshop and Slide Presentation

2017 NC Wood Fire Conference, Star, NC / Presenter in Panel discussion

2017 NC Wood Fire Pre-Conference, Seagrove, NC / Woodfiring Workshop

2016 NC Clayworks Pottery Guild, Chapell Hill, NC / Slide Presentation

2016 Clay Club, Bakersville, NC / Slide Presentation

2015 NC Pottery Collector’s Guild, Raleigh, NC / Slide Presentation

2015 Pre-North Carolina Potter’s Conference, Star, NC / Slide Presentation

2015 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC / Slide Presentation

2010 Frank Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

2010 Carolina Clay Guild, Greensboro, NC

2009 Clayworks guild, Chapel Hill, NC

2008 Penland School of Craft, Penland, NC

2007 East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

2006 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

2003 Longwood University, Farmville, VA

2003 University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

2003 Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, Farmville, VA

2003 Cub Creek Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Appomattox, VA

2002 Longwood University, Farmville, VA Exhibition Record


2017 “Spectra: A Survey of American Contemporary Wood Fired Ceramics” Morean Center for Clay, St. Petersburg, FL

2017 “Winter Show”, Green Hill Center for NC Arts, Greensboro, NC

2017 “Cub Creek Residents and Friends”, Academy Center for the Arts, Lynchburg, VA

2017 “Controlled Burn”, Randolph Arts Guild Gallery, Asheboro, NC

2017 “Making Matters”, Peter’s Valley School of Crafts Gallery, Layton, NJ

2017 “Wild clay :The Story of NC Clay”, Star, NC

2017 “Confluence”, NC Wood Fire Conference, Star, NC

2017 “Shaping a New South”, the Hudgens Art Center in Duluth, GA

2017 “New Times Three”, Blue Spiral1, Asheville, NC

2016 “Studio Touya”, Ackland Museum Store, Chapel Hill, NC

2016 “WoodFired Ceramics” Smith House galleries, Harrisonburg, VA

2016 “EARTH, PAINTING AND FIRE”, Round About Art Collective, Raleigh, NC

2016 “Cub Creek Foundation: John Jessiman With Visiting & Resident Artists”, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL

2016 “John Jessiman—A Life in Clay”, Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

2015 “Wild clay :The Story of NC Clay”, North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC

2015 “The 5th for the CCRI invitational”, Warwick Museum of Art, Providence, RI

2015 “Quiet Inspiration, Japanese Influence on North Carolina Potters”

,North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC

2014 “Ceramicists of Seagrove, NC” East Tennessee State University, TN

2013 Tea Time: Series 2, North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC

2013 Connection,Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

2012 Next Generation of Seagrove Potters, Moore Arts Council, Southern Pines, NC

2012 Cub Creek Show, The Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, VA

2012 STARworks Ceramics Show, Randolph Arts Guild, Asheboro NC

2011 Winter Exhibition: Hard and Soft, Japan Center, NCSU, Raleigh, NC

2010 Cub Creek Show, Coe College, Ceder Rapids, Iowa

2010 Clay and Blogs, Telling a Story, Moore Arts Council, Southern Pines, NC

2010 DIRECTion Native Clay, Meredith College, Raleigh NC

2010 Studio Touya Show, Cape Fear Studios, Fayetteville, NC

2010 New Generation of Seagrove Potters, North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC

2009 Asian Ceramics Trunk Show, Freer Gallery/Sackler Museum, Washington DC

2009 Birth of a Notion” Quirk Gallery, Richmond VA

2007 Three Japanese Wood-Firers, Harlequin Gallery, London, UK

2006 Mixed Teabowls Exhibition, Harlequin Gallery, London, UK

2005 Teabowls &Yunomis, Harlequin Gallery, London, UK

2004 Teabowls &Yunomis, Harlequin Gallery, London, UK

2002 Anagama Fired, Harlequin Gallery, London, UK

2001 Foot, Gallery Gloss & Coffee, Okayama, Japan

2000 Pots in Autumn, Gallery Toumu, Shigaraki, Shiga, Japan

2000 Asahi Contemporary Crafts Awards, Osaka, Japan

1999 UTAGE, Tanikan-gama Gallery, Shigaraki, Shiga Japan

1999 Wave&Wave, Dento-sangyou-kaikan Gallery, Shigaraki, Shiga Japan

1999 Shigaraki Ceramic Award, Shigaraki, Shiga Japan

1999 Group Exhibition, Gallery Kyouei-gama, Tokoname, Japan

1998 Group Exhibition, Tanikan-gama Gallery, Shigaraki, Shiga, Japan

Public Collection

2003 Richmond University, Richmond, VA, USA

2003 Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, Farmville, VA, USA


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