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Artist: Tuile-Fionnuala

Tuile-Fionnuala, CANADA
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Some of my earliest memories are of being at my parents’ summer art camps and getting to play with clay as the older kids worked on ceramic projects. During the year my mother would do clay with the children in her daycare, and in the evening work on her own ceramic projects but she wouldn’t get far before I insisted on partaking

I draw, paint and sculpt on slab built clay pots or pinch pots creating small colourful functional ceramic objects that have tons of personality. I take inspiration from my interests in science fiction, pop culture, our animals, food I love, graphic novels and everyday emotions.

Currently, I obsess over the never ending possibilities that clay has to offer. That obsession translates into complex colourful, multilayered work that is forever getting more and more busy. I like a pot that has a lot to say and offers new discoveries each time you use it.


Awards and Notable Achievements

2019-2021 Ongoing Ceramic Line for regular shop updates and commission workcoder

2019 Published Art Autumn’s 2019 Yoho! Little magazine

2019 Profile Published September’s People to Watch Profile Kingston Magazine

2020 Collaborative Work with Roberto Lugo, Ryan Reich, Chanakarn Semachai and Ryan Hurst

October 2020 Juror 30-day Instagram Ceramic Plate Challenge

2020 Third Runner-up, Wemaju Cup and Mug Contest Clay Voices Online

2021 Hosting Monster Mug 30-Minute Challenge Ceramic Congress, Online



2019 Solo Exhibition at Mera-Qui Gallery, Kingston ON

2020 Two-Person Collaboration with Chanakarn Semachai at Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN.

2020 Invited & Participated, Mug-Madness, Saltstone Ceramics Gallery, Seattle, WA

2020 Invited & Participated, Yunomi Invitational XVI, Clay Akar Gallery, Iowa, IA

2020 Invited & Participated, Exquisite Cups Exhibit, hosted by Bryan Wilkerson. Kingston, TN

2020 Invited & Participated, Cup the Intimate Object XVI, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL

2020 Invited & Participated, Incase of Emergency Drink Waterbed, Lefebvre & Fils, Paris France.

2021 Invited & Participated, Mug-Madness, Saltstone Ceramics Gallery, Seattle, WA

2021 Invited to Upcoming, Yunomi Invitational, Clay Akar Gallery, Iowa, IA

2020 Invited, Yunomi Invitational XVII, Clay Akar Gallery, Iowa, IA

2021 Upcoming Two-Person Collaborative Show with Paul Maloney, Belger Crane Yard Studio, Kansas City, MO

2021 Upcoming Solo Exhibition at Gloucester Pottery School, Ottawa, ON.

2022 Invited to Participate in the Residency Program at Lefebvre & Fils, Paris, France.

2022 Upcoming Solo Exhibition Lefebvre & Fils, Paris, France.


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