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Hand painted with multiple layers of underglaze, it takes 6 layers to create the background blends and an additional 5-10 layers for any over laid colors. Painted on bone dry clay, fired to cone 04 and clear glazed.

3 x 3 x 2.5" H

Terri Kern about the process "This piece is packed with narrative, detail and design. There are hundreds and hundreds of painted and carved lines and dots which provide the movement, pattern and depth for this piece. It is 1 of only 2 pieces in the show that has miniature, full color underglaze paintings included on the painted surfaces encompassing the piece. I like to repeat areas of detail that move throughout the piece, drawing the viewer’s eye from top to bottom and back again. In this piece, I’ve used three black bands of black sgraffito to do that. The tiny dots on the top and bottom rim of this piece are carved through small areas of wet black underglaze, as are the lines that are carved into the band beneath the running rabbit. Some of the painted leaves in this band also have a dash pattern that is repeated on the top and bottom rim as well. The narrative for this piece relates to the concept of Balance which is woven throughout my work as I reflect upon and create pieces about my life, which has grown rich with possibilities and complications. The rabbit alludes to the idea of strength through endurance, a quality that I’ve had to develop as a woman and an artist, often away from my home and my husband of 21 years. The fox represents the idea of being steadfast and true. He patiently waits for me in one painting and in the other, he calls to me, trying to lure me back home. The book represents the idea of our combined and ever evolving history together. Every day, we “write” on the pages in our book, selecting new adjectives to describe the people we are trying to become, the characteristics we are trying to master. It’s important to read each other’s pages, so that as we grow and evolve in different ways, we stay connected and hopeful for what the next day brings. The leaves indicate change and the blank piece of paper inside the piece symbolizes ideas and experiences to be investigated."


Learn more about the Artist: Terri Kern


A note from the artist:

"I made several pieces in this tilted form series by throwing slightly closed bowl forms on the wheel. When the bowl was dry enough to handle, I trimmed the clay (usually left at the bottom of the piece to form the foot) completely off. After deciding what angle would work best to create the tilted form, I used a wooden paddle to create a flat area that would act as the new bottom of the piece. A combination of hand made stencils and surface drawing with a pencil were used to lay out my design and create the narrative imagery on this piece."

"I love that the tilted interior slowly reveals itself as the viewer walks around the piece to discover a painted near the bottom. In order to paint the details in the interior, my brushes are held near the end of their handles. I usually hold my breath while painting each delicate outline and the individual detail lines in the interior because any movement can cause a miscalculation"

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